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54182 [i]"There are more bosons in the universe than there are shows in my backlog"[/i] -Ancient [gold]Kissu[/gold] proverb [View]
54175 >Original Work: Maeda Jun Hey wait a minute... [View]
54157 What if, the HUGE are just a distraction to pull people into what'll become SHAFT's Strawberry Panic? [View]
54038 Chino chan... in her summer clothes... kawaisugiru... [View]
54030 Some dude hacked Trevs PayPal on stream wwwwwwwwwwwww [View]
53998 hacked my landlords router to fix it [View]
53918 NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!!!! [View]
53909 How do I develop synesthesia? [View]
53844 When will tech advance to the point where I can post on imageboards in my sleep? [View]
53829 https://blog.libtorrent.org/2020/09/bittorrent-v2/ Can somebody explain this bittorrent v2 to me? I've no clue what all this stuff means. [View]
53826 Did kissu's default theme use to be dark, or am I misremembering? [View]
53724 There's a type of interaction that's been on my mind lately. The one where the value of something is adjusted. Imagine there's an object. It's well-known, the reason why doesn't matter. One day some previously unknown aspect of the object is brought up, and it's a good thing. Logically, the object is now better liked in general. The aspect is better liked as well, and it's now more likely one of the two will appear if the other is present. And if the aspect was bad, the object would be less lik [View]
53720 Is there a word for when you keep seeing something trending out of nowhere and pay no attention to it, then only weeks later you recognize it's the new popular thing? [View]
53711 The latest chapter of School Zone is so cute I just have to share it. I think I almost died of a heart attack when reading this. [View]
53594 What have you guys been reading recently? I started this manga expecting some comfy salaryman adventures. One volume in and our guy has already cheated on his wife with 5 different women. Fun stuff. [View]
53294 Another one bites the dust. [View]
53107 My light table broke. I have set myself up a solution, I am back to animating! [View]
53073 How the ==heck== can I make a good archive of a thread with full images? The default Ctrl + S does save a nice functioning page, but it only saves thumbnails. Specifically, I want to archive this guy's nice artist list: >>>/ec/286 . I guess I could expand all images before saving it... maybe? This is something I'd like to do with a lot of kissu threads and regret not doing it sooner [View]
53001 the ducks... [View]
52705 This is a containment thread for a back-and-forth conversation that popped up in the happenings thread. Moved posts will be popping up here [View]
48464 [gold] What? [/gold] - Kissu has started a small group to translate manga, with the goal of eventually expanding to other mediums!! [pink] Who? [/pink] - your friendly neighborhood /qa/zoku! [blue] Can I help? [/blue] - new help is always welcome, if you have any questions **or answers** just post in the thread. ==Be sure to read the OP! ! ! !== _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Current Project: ''Nyoroko no Namahoso'' Mega.nz: https://mega.nz/folder/Ncp32DQS# [View]
46171 bump when drunk! drinking wodka every day due to boredom [View]