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File: Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
This thread is cyclical with old replies being removed as new posts are made.


they're typically discord based joke sites.


nah I don't think this is the case


well it's got a minecraft server so there's a possibility it's a poorly run neo nazi site


Could it have been created after one of the times krautchan went down?



File: sophisticated computer us….jpeg (258.02 KB,1024x717)

It's krautchan with a dash of 4chon


do the DLSite ads get past your blocker? they did on mine. Please buy something SFW on the site so I can get a 10% commission


Nen 20 minutes before on kissu…
who knew nen resorted to such savagery


File: IMG_20200310_202125.jpg (335.03 KB,1080x1662)

didn't know this story


when did 4chan's /b/ become so bad?
I started browsing 4chan only in 2013 because English isn't my first language, and that was the year when I decided that I wanted to finally start learning it, and even back then /b/ was already a shitshow, especially compared to Russian 2ch's /b/. Now 4chan's /b/ is completely unusable while the equivalent on the Russian board is perfectly fine.
Why is that? 2ch isn't much slower either averaging 3-4k posts per hour on /b/ alone.


> while the equivalent on the Russian board is perfectly fine
are you sure…


as fine as /b/ can be;
there aren't nearly as much porn threads there


It's a lot better today than usual. I wonder if new jannies have already been accepted.



What's is everyone's opinions of /pol/ here?


Calling it the arch-nemesis of /qa/ wouldn't be an understatement.


Honestly my thoughts are that the worst thing about /pol/ are the people who post there not the ideology itself. Though that's a separate can of worms.


I agree with most of the beliefs you would associate with them, but the board it's self is unsalvageable and the users are a plague upon humanity.


>but the board it's self is unsalvageable and the users are a plague upon humanity.
Quite a good way to describe it honestly.


Extreme victim complex and 90% of its posters will either kill themselves or commit a terrorist attack.


File: 2007.jpg (429.04 KB,1477x1941)

Around 2007 started a downward spiral and it wasn't only /b/, it was pretty much entire western internet.


but i only got my internet in 2006…


File: pol2015.jpg (128.7 KB,661x716)

There was a merit to it when it was comprised of imageboard dwellers but that hasn't been the case for a while now. Chemos were attempted but failed, it's completely unsalvageable. Burn it all and don't ever try again unless someone finds proper countermeasures to everything that went wrong (good luck with that).


/pol/ and /r9k/ are the root of all problems in western society today, and they only exist today because a woman mocked moot for deleting them.


there are still some flash animations and screencaps from that time flying around so you can still experience some of it
since when is 'western society today' even remotely appropriate angle to take when examining a board?


Made another snapshot (ending at post 30491). I didn't post it immediately because there was an issue with it redirecting me to a previous snapshot, but it doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.



File: 77592044_p0.png (5.69 KB,384x384)

I'm removing a bunch of empty posts that were in this thread the past couple days. No bans or warnings, just some cleaning. This is a snapshot of the thread before I'm purging it: http://archive.is/CVAFP


>since when is 'western society today' even remotely appropriate angle to take when examining a board?
I was exaggerating for laughs.


New propaganda/doc about chan culture
These are getting increasingly accurate I feel. A lot of the response threads to this read like something portrayed in the video


Youtube comments on the video are more wild than the threads about this doc, lol


>Negan is 24 years old
>Negan identifies as a wizard
Trevor was right


the /pol/ presence on youtube is pretty insane from what i've seen


Most polchans are actually more active on discord


File: surprise.PNG (36.46 KB,1111x625)


hiro doesn't even answer twitter anymore


That wasn't exactly a novel observation, though. I had heard wizardchan was semi-decent at the beginning, but went full /r9k/ at some point and became utterly insufferable obviously.
I mean, copypaste/hotwheels/Fredrick Brennan (the 8gag creator) was the admin there like a decade ago and he hasn't even hit 30 yet today in 2020. I think it must be a running joke by now that anyone that qualifies to post there is instantly repelled by its actual users.

I wonder if and how they reached out, because there's a no chance hiro and swaglord would have turned it down if they read it


I think it's pretty certain hiro would have turned it down, maybe swaglord too but I know he's done an editorial or something about 4chan so it's possible. Hiro realized there's zero need for him to keep in touch with the site's community so he just ignores it like an absent father


File: 15839576603777762646290390….jpg (104.35 KB,399x518)

Kissmin, have you implemented hide image/replies feature for 4taba yet?


File: ebd431db0a.png (27.25 KB,1194x411)

Yeah, I should add it. I'd start now but I'm on windows doing server modifications while my development folders are on ubuntu.

modifying 4taba is a lot of work though and the site's aim is niche for the people who want an imageboard but would really prefer a textboard.
Modifications to 4taba and if you want to advertise it should be done with that in mind… in my opinion


I'm pretty much the Hiroyuki of 4taba.


Well, just take it easy.
I'm just glad that you're working on it but if you think it's unnecessary in the end, that's fine.


Not that it's unnecessary. I think it's important to have.
What I'm saying is the site design is already fulfilling a niche and taking it too far in the direction of conventional imageboard probably won't make it as good.


found this repost from one of the political youtube clones


also in the past



wheres my vtuber?


How do they still find people that have such a low IQ that they think talking to journalists could ever produce a fair outlook on their case? I know /pol/cord teens are impressionable newfags mostly, and even gamergate may be too distant a memory for them, but FFS they should have at least remembered the treatment Nick Fuentes got out of his short time with the media.
They are always so cringeworthy.


i mean… that leak of people talking about advertising their board on the pewdiepie reddit made them out to be less than the ubermench


>How do they still find people that have such a low IQ that they think talking to journalists could ever produce a fair outlook on their case?
Well it IS /pol/ users they're picking from


Wouldn't it be nice if one of these media groups accidentally clicked /po/ and just ended up talking about dangerous terrorists and incels as ominous music plays, only to show some cute anime paper crafts as they scroll.


I think the guy just didn't care about his reputation, or his group's reputation for that matter
CBS found some good material thanks to that.


What these guys don't realize is the media can and will twist your words to give off any impression, it's the equivalent of talking to the police to make sure your side of the story is known.



File: mpc-hc64_bXFeZYPUM2.png (498.44 KB,720x540)


That site's pretty useless, low click rate and have to be careful to avoid bans. I think I have another idea though


Are boorus imageboards? in any case booru.org is going to start disallowing nsfw to get more crowdfunding possibilties apparently


oh, actually looks like it's just 3D


Yeah, I classify them as imageboards. The format is a bit different, but they're anonymous and each image is its own thread.
I can't say I feel any great loss from this. I'm honestly surprised to hear anyone was using a booru for real life stuff when it's already everywhere.
I wonder if that means gelbooru will remove its cosplay and generic asian porn stuff or if they're getting an exception since I think it's the biggest site on that network.




NNTPChan seems to have died again.

http://cheez4ak47dsoao5nwafhzh4rshtds4kxoe4iu3vprwdbtiajymmf5id.onion/ says "nntpchan is dead press F to pay respsects, i dont have time to manage it anymore."
https://2hu-ch.org/ shows a 403 Forbidden error
https://github.com/majestrate/nntpchan has been deleted


Wasn't the whole point of NNTPchan that the whole network wouldn't kick the bucket if one node went down?


>lacking basic IB features
Which would be?


Yeah, but only a few people run nodes, and the number sometimes drops to zero.



File: 4c52c6dc0ab47a058e0315ebc9….jpg (180.61 KB,1000x1000)

> 4chan will be switching to HTTPS by default on March 27th. Please save your settings using the 'Export Settings' button in the settings panel!
took long enough

we know the web is becoming shittier every day and i think the "forced https" trend is a part of it
any website that doesn't deal with sensitive data like static webpages and public api should not force https imo


is gnfos ok?


It dies monday, so no



I really hope it's fine, it was doing a great job at containing the schizophrenics. If it dies again I'm worried for /what/ and ota


Don't be worried for otamin. He has it coming


is /what dead?


first gn now /what/ what's going on


seems like he was just restarting server or something


File: image.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB,1240x1753)

As long as I have kissu by my side all else is irrelevant.


File: ebdff59c2dd825e8e323b84455….jpg (323.86 KB,1000x1412)

me on the right


File: image.jpeg (144.68 KB,540x524)

And me on the left.


File: kanna disgust.jpg (31.23 KB,480x565)

This entire site can only get worse from here if somebody wanted to post this.


is ollicon vs trap the animosity kissu needs?
find out next week


File: image.jpeg (25.47 KB,480x360)

I'm sure to phone in when the time comes…


File: 9432cfcb474c878367f1f46a65….jpg (466.84 KB,1104x1575)

There's a perfect middle point between the two, and it's called shota.




File: image.jpeg (119.01 KB,606x800)

Speaking of shotas and stay more on topic a religious extremist got 7chans shota board shut down which at this time was one of very few places to find shota.
Some have also been complaining of shota posting on 4chans /cm/ because of the mass displacement.


File: a4311c704bfa831bbfa3c4d698….png (2.6 MB,2062x3000)

I'd honestly rather all dubious content be ecchi rather than XXX and have this kind of stuff handled on self endorsed smaller chans, but this is a road that we'll get to when I start getting bad signs.


>mass displacement
Not to sound rude, but would 7chan's shota board shutting down really cause that much difference on 4chan?


>religious extremists hit the shota board but not the loli board
wait I thought it was the other way around, don't priests love shota?
it seems like everybody forgets /b/ exists. I wouldn't blame them, /b/'s catalog makes me want to wash my eyes with soap. Still, shota threads and loli threads are fully allowed and endorsed.


File: image.gif (423.45 KB,320x171)

Not to the site as a whole but it as affected the smaller /cm/ board which have been getting a lot more shota posting to the point there is a general. The other issue is that the board is getting more NSFW delete requests which appears to piss off the mods so now the board is more strict deleting things that are not even NSFW in the first place.

Let's not forget all the misplaced 8channers on top of this, there board was also nuked.


I've read posts on /cm/ talking about the shota threads on /b/ but I never checked it out I've never been to that board to be 100% honest. A part of me thinks the site reporter might have just been RPing as one to fuel the trolling.


It's real, they had shota and loli threads for longer than I've been on that site, even before /b/ went full /soc/
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link itself, but I would like to save a friend from scrolling through that hurl inducing catalog.
shota: /b/thread/823271048
Loli: /b/thread/823301971


File: 53969563_p1.png (241.34 KB,500x805)

Regular shotafag from /cm/ here. The increase in shotaposting and the shota general predates the deletion of 7chan's /sm/ board by at least a couple of months. By July the threads used to reach the file limit in less than a month (which is fast by /cm/'s standards), and by September they were hitting record speeds of lasting for less than one week (you can even see the effect it had on /cm/ by checking 4stats). Currently they have an average life of two weeks, which still is faster than other popular generals like the Deku one and the South Park general. 7chan deleting /sm/ probably had a noticeable impact on /cm/, but I doubt many of the former 7fags stuck there due to its SFW nature.

Anyway, one of the biggest reasons why the general is so fast is because users lost their fear of using /cm/ for discussion, and now some use the threads as small blogs about shota-related stuff (and sometimes off-topic blogging). Usually the blogposters would shut up if you told them to stop derailing the thread with their off-topic chat, but after returning to these threads after avoiding /cm/ for a month due to a shota overdose I realized that I was the only one telling them to shut up. I'll see if I can keep them in check again before mods try to nuke the shota threads for being too off-topic (this happened a while ago to the Suicide Boy general).


File: image.png (87.56 KB,400x300)

Thanks for the information, I totally forgot about the blog posting issue.
I miss those sucide boy threads…


File: shota on cm.png (1.06 MB,1463x800)

Yeah, but honestly these threads deserved to die after becoming off-topic blogs full of the same images again and again. At least people the shota general still post new images.

On a related note, here's a pic with all the threads on /cm/ where most images are of shotas so you can see how big is their impact on the board.


I tried to address a complaint to the 4chan irc and it is exactly as shitty as everyone says. My guilt about making off-topic threads just vanished into thin air


4chan stays running only because of it's developer and his ability to add useful mod tools


I don't see how that keeps it running… I though it was just because 4chan is the most active that it stays alive.


That's what I thought. Tons of things get deleted just because certain staff members don't like them, and the feedback options given are very weak. All massive sites have some moderation issue though so it's not worth dwelling on, and it's just better to say screw it and change IP if you must.


I saw a post mentioning how posting on s4s resets captcha to easier challenges.

Is this bullshit?


File: basedcap4.png (380.57 KB,1581x791)

pretty fun thread on /v/ today, not sure people will believe me but I was the OP. I found a really easy way to ban evade on 4chan and spent the last few days making shitpost threads constantly until this one randomly hit it off. It was nice, the satania collection increased by several times tonight


congrats man


almost got me there cygnus


I'm not sure we should be giving 4chan mods any attention unless we're insulting them


File: Screenshot_2020-03-25 4sta….png (80.87 KB,1231x767)

/sp/ is taking a beating from the coronavirus. It's making me wonder how smaller /sp/ spinoffs have been affected by it now


They won't see it here, I think it's alright. The irony you can constantly insult them and still have that happen is funny at least.
/trv/ was taking a hit too, it's pretty bad.


Feel like it's going to be interesting to see what the next batch of stats will look like. Especially with the death of gnfos giving a boost to almost every slower /jp/


>death of gnfos
Is it permanent this time?


The domain was renewed, it's just down. It's never permanent, sadly. If Trevor's posts are to be taken with any ounce of sincerity then he may be planning to bring it back around christmas again


It's already back….


File: Screenshot_2020-03-28 Kaka….png (112.12 KB,900x770)

nen's down as it moves to a new serer



Hae you seen ota?

How do we make it stop?


Try and tell people that gnfos is back up so they go back…


I really wonder why the userbase of the other spinoffs is so bad. Did /r9k/ users find the spinoffs or did they become like them? I remember there was some good content early on, like the magazines.


It's because of warosu. These people were banned on /jp/, so they grew up posting on warosu, and now they think /jp/ culture is all about shitposting.


I thought we only were innocent users having a laugh at the janitor being an asshole, but you know how the quote goes. Any community that gets it laughs by pretending to be etc etc.


What did Nen change?


I'm only lurk nen, but it seems to just have been maintenance to deal with the site and images loading really slowly.


hm.. strange
were they on shared hosting? Is that even possible…


Yeah, vichan works on shared hosting.




File: Screenshot_2020-04-01 (4) ….png (584.09 KB,1566x4324)

4chan having a timely april fools joke.



Apparently the infection can get more severe, but I'm bot sure how it works yet. The levels of infection seem to range from
-a bit messy name
-green outline
-whatever pic is
-user was quarantined for this post
I have yet to see a user was quarantined for this post, but I'm wondering if they actually get banned for the remainder of the event


File: 1585720716972.png (91.22 KB,904x228)

Forgot my pic of course, and it also seems that based on the level of infection who can be infected by them and how differs.


File: Screenshot_20200401-021029.png (303.54 KB,1189x402)


looks like mod having fun


guess i'll be practicing social distancing for this day


File: Screenshot_20200401-024901.png (58.52 KB,1171x210)

Some announcement stuff


kissu keeps breaking it's viewer PBs without any effort. must be virus


We’re those vermin thumbnails not the April Fool’s joke?




Oh, I read wrong

well it only works on the experimental UI and it's replacing thumbnails too aggressively.
It needed to only do a fraction of the images and I'm about to go to sleep so a I don't want to go to bed with something I'm uncomfortable about


Didn't manage my time right between QA and developing because was too emotionally invested in an idea


I still want to know how the infection works exactly.
I managed to get infected, one thing I noticed it's that crossboarding appears to make the infection faster.

The bans are probably the mods did it.


Supposedly, being replied to by any infected poster gives another the infection, and replying to more seriously affected posters (anyone with a green border) can give an infection as well. Not sure if infection works any differently for the most serious of infections where the hazard warning appears (and even then there seems to be two levels of that), however I saw people saying that replying to a person that gets (USER WAS QUARANTINED FOR THIS POST) does nothing for your own infection.


i think this is a reskin of another year? I could have sworn something existed based on replies last year


Yeah, last year it was something like a (You) score or whatever(or maybe that was the year before), but everyone seemed to figure out how that worked immediately. This seems like a bit more elaborate of a system


>2019 - A like system is added to posting. Users earn points by liking posts, receiving likes, or making posts. Unlockable perks include the use of fortune, dice rolls, adding an emoji tag, hats, the /fit/ T-rex, and spooky skeletons. Some lament the low-effort attempt while most others rush to shitpost their way to the top.


File: Screenshot_2020-04-01 (0) ….png (5.74 KB,608x87)

i don't get it


Seems to be implying a successful recovery.


Wonder what a non-successful recovery looks like


File: apoBtIVL2u.gif (362.95 KB,967x141)

fukken fakku ads on /jp/ what the hell


They offer free books right now to help the whole situation. I can respect that.
The first book I landed on was absolute garbage, but I have found a couple of good ones since.


File: 1406309576774.jpg (133.3 KB,700x526)

pecunia non olet
never forget


The mods seem to be really light on most rules right now save for NSFW posting. I have a hunch this is a top-down order related to the stupid attempt to rebrand 4channel as advertiser-friendly from a year or two ago. Even though the only new advertisers are porn games and other shady sites, nonetheless this attempt still seems to be in motion.


Well it's probably hard for them to admit to themselves what a tremendous failure the 4channel idea was.


this is something like what pornhub did a month ago to get people used to going and paying for porn


Just tried to check this one again and it now redirects me to their bunker, so something happened to the site recently I suppose. They do have a sticky with imageboard links but not as complete as the old one. Good call with archiving it >>31935, and most importantly using that archive as archive.is has been dead for a week or more now it seems.



Amazing, the good thing about these is that they're relatively updated so you don't have to look through lists of hundreds that end up in 404s.

By the way looking at that bunker of astrochan it seems the admin did indeed kill given the goodbye thread there and also found out 4 new chans were of recent creation:
https://coronachan.xyz (vetted board creation)
https://geniechan.xyz (from Dolphin spammer datamining guy, watch out)
https://anarchyis.fun (board creation but no global rules, watch out)


File: Screenshot_2020-04-01 Anim….png (5.59 KB,1323x39)

https://samachan.org/ seems to have suffered a few changes lately, from reduced page number and bump limits to some CSS fun and mod stickies. I assume the site is slowly starting to get its act together again and the admin is adjusting to the current (and presumably increased or at least more active) userbase as not even a year ago there used to be years old threads and just a few threads created every once in a while in both boards.
That or the admin is just saving some money on bandwidth.


and as of date they're all dead…


>lists of hundreds that end up in 404s
But that's the fun part!


active or not that's a good idea, opening 750 posts long threads full of images is a pain


Archive.is is up.
Just useful information, make sure you not using the bullshit cloudflare DNS, they blocking the access.

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