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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

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[38990-41959][40564-46419][45957-48018]Last Archived: August 8 2020

This thread is cyclical with old replies being removed as new posts are made.


I saw your posts on Zchan(†) and 8moe, but I didn't understand a word of what you said.

>some users on my board are engaged in proxy war with the only ones left on Julay
What's happening on /nihon/ this time? Another cross-site raid powered by bots?


You say something like that and now I have no idea who you are. There are at least 3 people who fit that description. Whatever, I'm just going to keep taking it easy.

>I didn't understand a word of what you said.
It's for the best, I've seen things you wouldn't believe. You know how in Lovecraft's works the more someone knows about the Cthulhu Mythos the more sanity they lose? Up to the point of the losing the ability to speak normally? It's like that, but for Teenbro Mythos. The truth is out there, man.
>What's happening on /nihon/ this time? Another cross-site raid powered by bots?
Mostly dolphin, with occasional annoyed /cow/ posting. He's been coming into IRC almost daily to get a rise out of me, but for the past 2 months I've been taking it easy and ignoring him. I think it's getting to him. Especially because I don't even acknowledge it in my articles anymore.


I'm playing it safe and updated the OP with an archive link of the past two months. Don't want to miss posts again..


>What's happening on /nihon/ this time? Another cross-site raid powered by bots?
Someone botspamming it with posts from /r9k/

>You say something like that and now I have no idea who you are.
It's for the best


That's the weakness of a cyclical, it's why I never use them. Consider switching to numbered stickies if you want your posts to "stick" around! I'll see myself out.


Stickies are great if you want to be a dickhead admin who tells everyone what's the most important thing on a board is rather than find out what they want themselves.


It was hilarious. Needlessly destructive, but hilarious.


File:The_Evolution_of_Imageboar….png (2.99 MB,1195x3706)

Julay.world will be rebooted in 7 days but no one knows what that means. The admin hasn't said a word to anyone but I did see him posting on /cow/. He didn't out himself but I know it was him from what he'd written. Seems more concerned with e-celeb drama than taking care of his own website.

The anons from julay seem hell bent on causing as much drama as they can in the last week of their website. I've spotted them on nearly every board on the webring attempting to cause in-fighting. They are coming up with alternative history and claiming everyone is mad when anons call them out for the misinformation and samefagging. The tripfag Dolphin has been bot spamming a lot of boards lately. He has a script to bot spam lynxchan boards and is using it to copy/paste posts from /r9k/ on 4chan. Julay's regulars hang out in a cytube chat room all of the time. There are 10-15 of them in there at all hours. The Dolphin tripfag lurks there and in /tv/'s cytube channel all day. Wherever those julay anons show up to post D&C and misinformation Dolphin always follows and CP dumps/spam follows shortly after that.

I suspect something fun will happen soon. I think /cow/ may end up like /v/ meaning they'll go to every site within the webring looking for a new home but will be turned away. No one wants to invite in their drama or be associated with them. If it were another board I'd say they would just make their own website but I doubt it with this group. None of them seem to have the skills other than their current admin. They will probably just continue to use their cytube channel unless the admin stops paying for the streaming server they're using. The owner of tvch might take them in because most of them are /tv/ posters but I doubt he will because he knows the problems they cause. It will be interesting to see what happens.

There are a few people talking about making new webring nodes but none of them have followed through. One of them is supposed to be for a new /v/, another says he wants to invite in political boards. I'll post updates about them if they ever get going.

The webring is a great concept but certain people seem intent on killing it anyway they can. From the start it has attracted various factions of bad actors. I'm not sure how much longer it can survive. Despite the stats it seems to be bleeding anons. The upside is most of the anons causing the problems don't go anywhere outside of it other than the well known big imageboards and social media. So boards like this one should be safe from their autism.


How do you know so much about the webring situation anon?


Months of lurking. The vols on julay caught my attention months ago. If you go to their hang outs you pick up a lot of information.


Yeah but like, it doesn't even have anything that I like. The only thing I really care about by the end of it is smuglo.li doing fine.


It used to have a couple of boards I liked but they're moved on to other places now. I mainly use smugloli too and kinda wish it would leave the webring. I'm afraid some of the other boards are going to bring in too much fresh blood too fast. Smug is the only board in the webring that's managed to avoid any in-fighting so far.


>I mainly use smugloli too and kinda wish it would leave the webring
Same, I usually browse monster board and it's pretty good. Too many 8gaggers though so like, that's the only bad thing. Too many assholes who think their website is the hot shit yet they let it burn to the ground, bunch of ungrateful assholes and the faggot redditors that follow them like cuckolded dogs who want the fresh high of OC but instead find StormFront rotten corpse and the children feeding upon it. Hell is here anon, these times are changing and we are trapped in this machine, this machine is dying, yet we can't escape.
Start preparing to create new things anon, write, make, do something, create stories, so that others can be entertained and learn from your follys. I'm scared anon, I'm fucking terrified of these times.


Twitter is kicking out Qfags:
I wonder how many of them will attempt to migrate to /pol/, only to get scared by the amount of literal shit in that board and move to Gab and maybe 8kun.


Odd decision, what were they doing to earn twitter's ire?


Probably because they support Trump.


where burger :DDDDDD


I'd guess it's meant to reduce the spread of conspiracy theories related to covid-19, but they're months late. Political outrage is great for clicks so it wouldn't be related to that, but if people get companies to boycott twitter over their relatives dying or whatever then it's not good for business.



i'm glad i don't know what they're talking about lol




Neither do I, but it seems to be serious.


i know nothing of value was lost when i see the admin using the parenthesis thing


Pretty sucky. I kinda liked that place.


I sort of liked it too because loleron isn't a bad admin, but there's something on that site that makes my cpu go crazy so I've never lurked as much as I'd like


the funny thing is that the website would have never existed if i had checked my email minutes earlier than him lol


I can translate my fursona-speak. /japan/ is getting deleted.
The rest of the site may or may not follow afterwards.
Everyone is moving to 8moe temporarily.
A new spinoff may or may not be created later.


>/japan/ is getting deleted
But why? That's the part I don't get.


admin got blackmailed


How? And why does he think the faggot will stop if he deletes /japan/?


Either he or his friend got doxed. He's a little retarded in my opinion.


File:1595245714829.jpg (162.54 KB,785x670)

Can anyone understand what this is about?




don't think anyone here speaks chinese, you should google translate it



They're using 1883 in third person so it might be slang for some person or organization



19 probably covid


File:bd625997ad1e7fb88be4cf22d0….png (461.95 KB,685x900)

It's mostly about how konomi went bad after the "19" became the manager of the site. "19" involved in false flagging, personal attacking, misusing of manager power, self replying to his own threads, posting underage girls. These actions were attributed to the loss of true popularity of the board.
"19", "1883", "09" here all indicate some person. It is not uncommon to use pure number for a nickname for a person in Chinese/Taiwanese web.
"K island" means the website konomi itself.


K island = Komica, another Taiwanese imageboard, and 1883 is its admin.
廚, which automatic translators tend to translate as cook, chef, or kitchen, is Japanese-derived netspeak similar in meaning to troll, freak, or teenbro:
19 seems to be a controversial moderator on Komica. I found some more information here:


It's lynxchan combined with their CSS fetching the images. Lynxchan in general cooks CPUs because the developer is an idiot.


File:1566884636036.jpg (25.69 KB,759x473)

Enrive, previously known as Masterchan and CCluster, will shut down in a couple of days after being operating since 2013.
For those who don't know about that site, it offers a similar premise to 8chan in regards of allowing users to create and moderate their own boards, but unlike most other sites they never deleted anything that wasn't illegal. Instead, there was an option to mark selected posts and threads as "off-topic" and hide them from the main view. Ultimately people decanted for 8chan over Masterchan/CCluster/Enrive, and the site fell into irrelevancy, only being used by a couple of posters and some pedophiles who took advantage of the extremely lax rules to share the usual pics of little girls that you can find on /tv/ on a bad day.
It was a site with an interesting concept (and an owner with a lot of patience) that ultimately got overshadowed by a direct competitor that managed to promote itself during a time of chaos, but I'm sure there will be somebody that will miss it.


/japan/ is deleted now, some have moved onto the temporary new location at 8gag


The resident schizo of the webring is spamming both the new /japan/ and /v/ on 8moe with old posts from 4chan's /r9k/. He thinks 8moe is behind julay being down at the moment and is threatening to continue spamming the boards if they don't stop the attack (which may not even be an attack since julay announced some long ago that it'll go under a restructuration around this time of the month).


Yeah it wasn't an attack, the owner himself confirmed it. He just spammed with no actual provocation again.


>Lynxchan in general cooks CPUs because the developer is an idiot.


I have no idea how to test a web page's CPU usage, but imageboards that use lynx cause my cpu fan to turn up. For a software that isn't based around dynamic content generation, but static pages it's a bit weird…


Somebody reported tvch's admin to the FBI, accusing him of watching CP with his bare IP:
https://tvch.moe/tv/res/68559.html (warning: it's full of namefags and lunatics spreading FUD and accusing each other of being the culprits of everything that has happened on the webring)
The most surprising thing is that the FBI has bothered to confiscate the admin's PC and phone having only an IP (which can easily be stolen) as "evidence", and that they have not even given him details about the report or the warrant.


shift+F5 on firefox


how come the worst people use lynx chan?


They are attracted to it like flies on shit, but this is not an allegory because lynxchan is actually shit.


It pisses me off how nobody uses JSchan. Such a good piece of software misused by incompetent admins.


>using alpha stage software

it's the webring button animation retardo


Which site are you looking at? I took a look at https://prolikewoah.com/animu/ and it seems the rotating mascot, implemented as a CSS animation on the <body> element, is somehow causing an expensive recalculation 6 times a second despite only changing every 30 seconds. You can kill it by putting
body {animation: none;}
into custom CSS.

On https://anon.cafe/k/ the webring animation button seems to be the main culprit as >>47308 said. You can disable it with:
.WebringButton {animation: none;}

I went to https://julay.world/cow/ and they had stupid animations everywhere, an animated rainbow webring button, animated rainbow styled large text, and an animated donations link. This kills all the retarded animations I noticed:
*, :before, :after {animation: none !important;}


might be the webring bloat. I can't say for sure


Weird. julay.world and anon.cafe have the same animation but don't cause a heavy use of CPU. It must be the mascot just like the other anon said. When julay/v/ was under control of the tengu the default theme was changed to the one used on prolikewoah (mascot included), and having it enabled always caused a spike in CPU usage, something that immediately disappeared after changing the theme.


File:[HorribleSubs] Rikei ga Ko….jpg (463.97 KB,1280x720)

Ellen Page wins the lottery on /qa/ again.



very short upload


Can't say I find the EP get steals that appealing, but at the same time I see the reason and purpose of them. Making GETs truly never worth it.



Not enough to motivate me to post there even semi-regularly again.


File:1595849404094.jpg (2.07 MB,4093x2894)

Was anyone even trying for it? I can't even post on /qa/, /v/, /vg/ or /tv/ anymore lol.


I tried for it for the sake of how funny it'd be. But aside from that and people just posting there I didn't really notice anyone special going for it.


File:1520809930106.jpg (70.49 KB,619x619)

In spite of all my beliefs that Hiro doesn't do jack shit he apparently made a new video game board for… RPGs?



Or maybe he still doesn't and one of the managers decided to make it.


File:556b591484afb18dd886b5ae8a….jpg (103.88 KB,449x523)

for what purpose


Also I went to 4/qa/ to see if there was any info about the new board and found this.


I thought it was kind of funny. Can't remember the last time I saw a custom ban message on 4chan.


Seeing all the RPG threads still on /v/, I have no clue.


Hiroshimoot is silent for years and then this happens. Why?


Maybe they've finally embraced /v/'s status as "Video Games/Random", and this is an experiment to see what type of discussion fills the void on a video games board without fast-moving generals or non-stop shitposting.

Still pretty misguided, IMO. If anything, I was expecting the next new board to be a containment board for idol/kpop/eceleb threads.


From looking at what's on there right now it just looks like more Video Games/Random. It probably doesn't help that a vast quantity of games contain RPG elements in them so most of what is discussed on /v/ can still be discussed on this board.

Maybe they're hoping that this'll contain the eceleb discussion to /v/?


>/vrpg/ is a place to discuss all types of role-playing video games, including single-player, multi-player, and massively multi-player, turn-based and real-time action, western-style and JRPG.

>Does this mean RPGs are banned on other video game boards? No! /vrpg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on RPGs where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

This really just sounds like one of the upper staff wanted to discuss some RPG games without it falling off into the archive in seconds.


What is that?


Yeah, that's wwhat non-/b/ boards are.


with such frivolous board creation i wonder if they're going to start making boards like 2chan


A popular torrent website for hentai games.


With each passing year since moot's grand exodus, the illusion of lawness that the staff use to conceal their own ineptitude and systematic corruption glows thinner and thinner.


>frivolous board creation
Imagine an alternate universe 4chan where moot just created new trial boards for completely niche stuff whenever he thought of something cool, and deleted any board that dropped below a minimum post quantity or quality after a year or so. I'd use it.


Fun to imagine what the state of imageboards now would've been had moot kept them actively engaged like that. Maybe they'd still be the main sources of internet culture.


Do you have google alerts set for Lynxchan or something? It isn't bullshit. Anyone can verify it by browsing with a laptop or cell phone. You can see the battery drain in real time because you're a bad developer that doesn't know how to code a front end.


The mascot on PLW makes it worse but it's a problem with all Lynxchan boards. I don't really feel like going through that shitty code again to explain why but it's easy to verify. Just idle on any Lynxchan board with a battery powered device and watch it chew through 1-2% of your battery every minute. I've seen it go through 20% of a batter during a 30 minute shit posting session. I like to lurk when I'm on the throne and always have to make sure I have the battery charged up.

Lynxchan is bad software in general. Stephen doesn't follow any standards at all. He thinks he knows better than everyone else. He can not deal with criticism and refuses any help. The reason he's the sole developer is because he called anyone that showed up in his IRC channel to help an idiot. If you file bug reports he just labels them as "not a bug" or "intended behavior" even when it's obvious things are very broken. No one writes add-ons for his software because there is no standard API and he manages to break compatibility with every minor revision. The UI for Lynxchan is very bad but he will not hear any suggestions on how to improve it or make it better (see: sidebar catalog that everyone removes). He claims there is no standard UI and you should write your own so any criticism can just be ignored.

Stephen Lynx prefers spending his time dressing in women's clothing, posting pictures of himself inserting dildos into his ass, and acting like an important person on IRC. Instead of working/fixing his imageboard software he spends his time doing damage control on IRC and the web. If you don't believe me just go idle in the Lynxchan IRC channel and ask him some basic questions about SQL, html, JS, and other related webdev languages. It becomes obvious that he doesn't know anything. That's why he made his imageboard software with javascript and pulls in 129,393,293 dependencies.


File:image.jpeg (78.83 KB,600x858)

He should stop programing and just stick to putting things in his back end.


Does he really dress as a woman? Do you have proofs of it?


I'm not seeing it. What URL, browser, and phone are you getting this with?


Is there something like LynxchanX that improves all this shitty design and lack of functionality? Lurking KC even with Dollchan is insufferable.


File:stephenlynxinsertingaddon.png (Spoiler Image,658 KB,1259x822)

Of course you aren't seeing it. Any time a bug is reported you claim it's the end user, or their device, or someone else's software. You're the most shit developer I've ever seen.

pic related

There is nothing. No one wants to write a good front end for such a piece of shit.

I agree but how would be pretend to be important on the internet if he did that?

Lynxchan is without a doubt the most frustrating piece of shit I've ever had the displeasure of working with. It's a great example of modern webdev and why it's so shit. Did you know this nigger opted to have lynxchan handle its own mail instead of piping it out to a real mail server? Did you know Lynxchan stores every file in the database? Who would ever need or want to store files inside the file system? That's an "edge case" and anyone that tells you storing files in the database is bad design just isn't as enlightened as StephenLynx!

Stephen loves saying "edge case" by the way. That's his main excuse whenever you criticize his shitty design choices. It's either an edge case or a bug in your system. Would you like to have clean design that doesn't break scroll bars on mobile browsers? Edge case! How about a captcha system that actually works, blocks bots, and can be solved the first time? Edge case! A board that functions without javascript enabled? bug in your system! Sane moderation tools? Edge case! Write your own UI!

StephenLynx will not listen to criticism at all. Over the years many good developers have made the mistake of installing Lynxchan and attempting to submit bug fixes and improvements. All were turned away because he felt personally insulted. He'd rather have his balls fluffed by 13 year olds running boards with 6 daily visits. He never misses an opportunity to shill his software though. He's on twitter all of the time begging for retweets from the likes of Cripple Moot. When some webring boards started using his software and it looked like one of them might become the next 8chan Stephen was there soaking up all that attention. When those admins started complaining about the many problems he wasn't anywhere to be found. If you don't believe me just go over to his public git and look at all those closed bug reports with no fixes. He's always too busy promising the next killer feature. It's always just one version away like the standard API for add-ons.

His software is such a piece of shit. Worse than vichan in every way. That reminds me Stephen has a major pet peeve. His pet peeve is PHP. If you bring up PHP he'll go on for hours about how much better javascript is. He says PHP is broken by design. Big talk from a man that can barely find his way around a toy language and can't even get node.js to work correctly. As broken at PHP is at least you can actually code something in it halfway decent if you try. I don't think I've ever seen vichan manage to corrupt its entire database every 24 hours like Lynxchan is known to do.

Lynxchan makes my blood boil. I need to go through the entire code base and point out every error I find just so others don't make the mistake of using it. I have never met one person that installed it and didn't regret it. The only reason people use it is
>1) Made the mistake of installing it and now they don't want to convert to something else
>2) They're too retarded to install vichan

That's it, that's his entire user base. People that installed it by mistake and people too stupid to set up a webserver by themselves.


File:1587181870759.png (62.19 KB,500x450)

Install jschan. Is better than what Lynxchan will ever be.

>pic related
He has a smaller dick than me. lol
>I need to go through the entire code base and point out every error I find
Do it.


being forced into GPL3 is a major turn off


It's a month old, but a desuarchive developer gave an update about the development of a FoolFuuka alternative. FoolFuuka is something some of the 4chan archive sites use if you didn't know.

>We might be able to deliver a full stack replacement for at least the FoolFuuka frontend to 4plebs by this summer, and hopefully the scraper issues clear up before then too.


Why do you hate freedom?


freedom for your software to be abused without any legal defense…


All software is to be abused aniki.


That's exactly what the GPL defends against…


gpl is that you have to make everything public, but doesn't mean you have any defense against malicious use


What do you mean malicious use? There are other laws if someone uses your software to do something illegal.


can't be abused because anyone who uses your code will have to release it open source as well
real abuse is the dumb BSD license that allows anyone to use your code in proprietary software and sell it. For example iOS and mac OS.


Holy hell that looks like one of those "taken just before the murder" photos you see on sites that archive true crime events everything about it is creepy looking he also dresses like a 10 cent hooker not cute at all.


Out of interest I checked to see how https://8chan.moe/ was doing and found that it's offline? Does anyone know more about what's happened here


File:8.png (266.5 KB,1258x950)

It's under maintenance. They're updating Lynxchan to the newest version.


JulayWorld finally went through with dropping most of their boards. They are now AlogSpace:


chinese steal f/oss all the time

>opted to have lynxchan handle its own mail instead of piping it out to a real mail server?
false - there is option to use your real mail server
>Did you know Lynxchan stores every file in the database?
false - it's optional for some time now
>Would you like to have clean design that doesn't break scroll bars on mobile browsers?
his main focus is lynxchan which is back end not the front end you're complaining about
>Write your own UI!
yes all it takes is some html css js - if you're so opinionated about everything else you obviously know those
>When those admins started complaining about the many problems he wasn't anywhere to be found.
he's always in his listed irc every day helping anyone
>I need to go through the entire code base and point out every error I find
you should but you won't

ask 4chan x to support it

was mentioned already in the replies you quoted - it's css which has nothing to do with lynxchan


if the software is trying to be the replacement to vichan then it should at least have a set of features that competes with it.
The Lynxchan hype is motivated not around a superior product, but the desire to escape from Fredric Brennan.


File:2012001727.png (140.41 KB,388x414)

>the retard in charge of the vidya board nuked it


File:1282686895684.jpg (51.48 KB,419x208)


File:1.jpg (17.33 KB,250x250)

Old inactive imageboards being riddled with advertisement spam for modern imageboards is a sad sight.



File:czaks.png (286.85 KB,462x439)

>The Lynxchan hype is motivated not around a superior product, but the desire to escape from Fredric Brennan.
vichan is czaks' creation, rest in peace


Why is Josh (Null) such a faggot?
Why can't he keep his people on a fucking leash?


File:EXo_eVOXQAAmnh0.jpg (66.25 KB,1121x853)

It always puts a smile on my face whenever an imageboard dies. I hope they all die off soon. What a terrible format for websites.


File:6fd83886752ffcc5d3a1858dd4….gif (19.31 KB,80x70)

Eeeh? Why are u like that? Imageboards are awesome!


Some people just develop chronic rectal bleeding as a result of being owned on them. It's very sad, but all we can do is pray for their gradual recovery.


Imageboards are gay.




Brenan is the wannabe lawyer


What happened this time?


Nah just in general I think he's a faggot.
I respect him but at the same time he's such a bitch and an alog to boot.


Does anyone know what happened to wizchan?


dead hopefully


Seems to be doing perfectly fine.


What happened to him?


File:93905c959c538287a71cbe582a….png (32.39 KB,336x376)

Another new video games board just got added, for mobile games.



Interesting that gacha is still allowed on other boards, I think they did this to slow down gacha posting across the site without having to deal with fags being upset by containment.


>Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vmg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

Oh my GOD then what's the fucking point, gacha games need a general board of their own so that generals about more niche games can actually survive without being immediately bumped off, this board is even more fucking superfluous


I wonder what's next, a board for fighting games?


virtual youtubers
COVID-19 if he's feeling reckless


4chan is literally unironically reddit and its disgusting


That'd be moving generals off of /jp/… you can't do that…


They really should move the gacha generals on /vg/ to this new board or at least encourage them to post there. I've seen a lot of complaints that generals about niche games on /vg/ have to be bumped constantly because they make a thousand fgo threads a day. It's one of the most active threads on 4chan. Must be a hassle to moderate it too


Oh sorry, I didn't notice 51 posted the exact same thing


That's easy to fix, they'd just have to forbid generals on the new board.


But then none of them would move over…


What games do the mods want to discuss here. Or is this just hiro thinking that mobile games are just as big in the west as they are in japan.


No need for them to migrate, once word of the new board makes its way to the vtuber subreddits it will have plenty of traffic.


File:x6.jpeg (38.44 KB,550x382)

Zchan is back again, at least in spirit. The former /v/ staff just launched a new site that promises to last longer and be more resilient against attacks than Zchan:
Let's hope this one lasts longer than its predecessors.

On an unrelated note, I found an imageboard for radical feminists, which has a really pretty theme, not gonna lie: https://www.asherahsgarden.net

I found that site on this list of imageboards, which includes kissu and a lot of recently created IB, by the way: https://socialwiki.top/wiki/Imageboards


Was wondering what that radical feminist site would look like and can't say I'm surprised it looks like norms.


>No. 1770
>I wish imageboards without imageboard culture existed, in a sense, because they are full of bitter, hostile nerds with a superiority complex. The only reason I use them is because I don't like most social media, but I would never talk to someone like this irl.
Conde Nast cashing in on the imageboard trend when?


File:sent by AM.mp4 (193.93 KB,1024x576)

Looks comfy, it's got /am/


The problem is that people want to share their brain farts just for the sake of being topical to gaming, but that's as vague as making a board on the topic of being outside your apartment. Point of more than a /b/ is that a split boards specifically attract certain very niche topics from downside up, so nobody would post there unless they have to to get any traction.

Even that works better if it's not really explicit but users know the board has a certain mindset, like /int/ has a mind for european autism like war history an infrastructure.


I'm on a permanent quest for a dispassionate board like /int/ but on vg topics, where people would discuss stuff like future consoles more from an industry and executive perspective instead of devolving into fanboy pettiness or consumer entitlement "activism" from people who pose libertarian but speak like big business has stolen the means of production from humble working gamerman.

Not that I'm bothered by screeching but in 2020 they never screech on-topic for long.


Well vidya has really been in the shitter for the past God like, 7, 8 years now?


>On an unrelated note, I found an imageboard for radical feminists, which has a really pretty theme, not gonna lie:
Has a board for black nationalist/supremacists been made yet? I would think one would have been made by now, considering most /pol/ boards focus on whites, but I've never seen any.


Is one really warranted? African Americans seem pretty confident on twitter, and true Africans have Nairaland which is basically better than any imageboard can be.


I don't know of any, but there used to be a hapa supremacist one by the Asuka (NGE) avatarfag who made the picochan fork of nanochan.



There's some filter in place that's adding 'peko' to sentences at seemingly random.


why is everyone so obsessed with gachashit?

could it be a gambling addiction thing?


I've never actually spent money on Gacha games. I think part of the appeal to me is the progress, you are consistently improving your team and trying to acquire characters that bring certain attributes to that team, spending money would make it too easy to acquire the characters you want.


I would actually be excited if they made a /vn/ board next
It could be naivete but I think it would turn out to be fairly decent


A vn board would probably be great, in theory. In practice I doubt it'd be able to take off with 4chan users holding it down. Also it probably won't happen since that'd be a good decision.


Knowing the staff, it would end up being /vn/ - Video Games/Nintendo

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