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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
[27694-30491][30491-35017][35017-37785][38021-39645][some missing posts from the previous snapshot]
This thread is cyclical with old replies being removed as new posts are made.


File:images.jpg (9.65 KB,209x241)

All this drama only reaffirms that moderation truly is the bane of imageboards. More than any group of shitposters or bogeymen.


C'est une belle citation, mais qui cites-tu? Et pourquoi dans la sujet aussi?…




et pars cause idk


File:qst-tan 2.png (351.74 KB,899x1234)

Sorry. I should have spoiled it. Here's a cuter board-tan as an apology.


Mercy buckets.




File:free of logarithms.png (69.5 KB,1023x766)

Jim Watkins made a list of links for Qpots to add their sites to.


File:1444368640330.webm (239.71 KB,364x540)

>free from logarithms
you what?


Are you sure it's Jim? That page uses a different domain from the original one (isitwetyet.com).

You can look smart by including uncommon words in your regular speech.


Note that shop.isitwetyet.com is on the usual domain. Jim has a history of buying up domain names similar to his own sites and sitting on them including lots of *chan domains, so it isn't surprising that he would have isitwetyet.net available.


File:logarithms.jpg (28.52 KB,599x474)

fucking logarithms


For everyone else who was confused, he meant "free of algorithms". His little PHP script does not fall under this if it allows everyone to spam his bookmark collection.


Gurochan has banned art depicting minors at the behest of their host:
>Turns out the host is not comfortable with fictional child pornography, so we have no option but to ban it.So, from now on, all art depicting minors will get deleted.This might disappoint some people, but for now our hands are tied.We don't know how long the ban would be, as lifting it would require finding a new host.In the next few days we will start the process of deleting the existing offending threads.

Additionally, as of now the DNS records for www.gurochan.cx have been removed. I don't know if it's related.


>somehow depicting gruesome acts of sadism and extreme violence stops being ok because some of the fictional victims were smaller than others
This alone is enough to tell me their host is American.


That doesn't tell the whole story.
Aren't Sankaku Complex and Gelbooru hosted on Steadfast, which is an American host? They have no restriction on access to "fictional child pornography" hosted on these sites.


File:IMG_20200509_045851.jpg (221.02 KB,1080x798)

what a lovable admin


Update: He updated the former bunker to say "I forgot that there isn't any reason to open an imageboard." and a link to the software he was using with his modifications:


>there's one but it using OpenNIC supposes an entry barrier that is too big for the average /v/ermin
If you're talking about Josh's site, it's because hotwheels supports him.


I'm talking about this:
It uses a domain from OpenNIC that only can be accessed with their DNS.


julay is kiwifarms, 9chan is 8ch /b/, smug is meguca, meguca is shamikoo


Or you can just use the IP address:


catalog.neet.tv is down and has been down all day apparently


File:neet dns.png (61.95 KB,500x1024)

And it's back, although it may not resolve again due to some DNS plunders on their part. TTL discrepancies are not exactly bad configuration (this domain has an 1 hour TTL on the .moe servers, but 24 hours from Cloudflare like every domain hosted by them), but putting your only DNS server on the same host as everything else is.


Well this is new. Didn't know that posts could be word-filtered based on name



doesn't work 100% but it's a feature i try to maintain compatibility with when I update


oh, thought you meant user end feature.

yeah, that's one of the better parts of vichan. It's how we do captchas on kissu.


Found a thread where Brazilians have been posting about Brazilian imageboard happenings:


ota really feels like it's in its death throes. fascinating to watch


you can walk that off, but it's certainly not the best time.


Discussion about /ota/ can be done here: >>39519
We just don't want rapid back-and-forth stuff to clog up the happenings thread, so feel free to post there as much as you want


I found this list of the top 1 million sites recently:
>A Research-Oriented Top Sites Ranking Hardened Against Manipulation

These were the imageboards I found on it:


File:drama.world.png (90.44 KB,1926x258)

Speaking of julay, their /v/ board just imploded. Apparently its board owner ragequit after being confronted with rage and shitposts for trying to ban TLoU2 threads for having the typical /vpol/ discussion about the absolute state of the western game industry. Now /v/ and /cow/ are the fastest boards on the site.


pretty amazing, it's reached nearly 2% of actual /v/'s speed


Julay is in the trash. The admin wants to focus on real life, but they want to take part in cyber harassment campaigns


File:tengu is watching.png (525.52 KB,1628x680)

Oh, and the new BO may be of your interest.


Does this make julay/v/ a cross between /intl/ and /v/ now?


what's PLW


More like a cross between /intl/ and /jp/.

/animu/'s bunker.


File:dee07f3f11.png (18.53 KB,977x373)

meanwhile on 8kun…


so where is /pol/ now? I haven't heard of any board getting popular since 8ch closed. did they get forsaken by everyone?



Shit escalated very quick on Julay. People started to spam board in celebration for the new board owner, some of the spam was loli/toddler porn that got deleted by the admin because he doesn't want to get deplatformed too soon, and then everyone decided to spam loli/toddler porn to spite him.
The first meta thread (https://archive.is/eKGgJ) got deleted after it, and sadly the toddler spam didn't manage to get archived, but looking at their catalog should be enough to tell how bad things are.

I think the fastest /pol/ board is on 9chan, which isn't surprising considering how the ideals of /pol/ align for the most part with Josh's.


hey, someone's supposed to archive this.
We've lost 36 posts


It went that fast? Amazing


Damn. Thanks for making this snapshot. There's no process to it other than hitting the button on archive.org so anyone can do it.
If anyone has had this thread open in another tab please consider saving the page onto your drive and uploading it


File:ebb8292fe3b80d9011fd2e9a63….png (283.77 KB,844x2056)



Here's a copy of the missing posts:


Now both /v/ and /cow/ are being spammed with loli porn for this.


File:7c7880514c753639c7f95e48c7….png (32.66 KB,612x451)

which one is the admin?


none of them


Is smuglo.li owned by the same retard who's trying to shoah 2d girls?


No, I think it's just sites catering to cyberstalking


File:rotten flesh.png (994.1 KB,2500x794)

Update on julay /v/'s implosion. 9chan decided to raid the board with epilepsy-inducing images, furry porn and (now) child porn, and because one of the global volunteers is pissed as fuck at /v/'s BO for going full /intl/ he told other janitors to not help him with the CP spam. And on top of that he decided to kick the BO out of IRC because he keeps posting the conversations.

kimeemaru is /v/'s BO, while hanging_flesh is a global mod.


File:rotten flesh 2.png (383.21 KB,2042x762)


File:d36b958c2f734007a0487d9c83….png (58.29 KB,702x573)


File:rotten flesh 3.png (639.21 KB,2430x956)

Last one. Sorry for annoying you with multiple posts in a row.


Wait a minute, windows93.net has an image board?


between A: and C:


julay.world's domain was put on hold by their registrar for "child abuse"
the .onion is still up


how do you screw up an imageboard this bad?



File:Screenshot at 22-44-21.png (39.11 KB,1519x974)



Was working until just now. Now the Tor service is down too.


File:Screenshot at 22-51-08.png (31.5 KB,948x459)

they broke the ssl


It's broken because julay.world is pointing at a generic landing page and not the actual site.


https://spqrchan.xyz/ and http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ are now back. julay.world is still a landing page.

kimeemaru, the new board owner of julay /v/ who had abolished all rules, deleted the board:


nazi pedophile ring



Julay's admin restored /v/ from a backup.

Julay has followed Smug's lead and posted a guide for where to go if the domain is inaccessible:

Someone made yet another /v/:


File:waterfox_ipKd4GZkLi.png (97.33 KB,795x423)

That 'tfw no gf' movie came out on Amazon Prime… maybe? I don't know what this screen means since I don't have it. The torrents are out, though.
I hear it's mostly about twitter and facebook people so I can't imagine it's very informative or appealing to imageboard users


That's Lynx dev


File:FBF0204F-D418-4473-AE6C-F….jpeg (755.07 KB,1242x1675)

incel nazi pedo terrorist ring propaganda do not watch


File:Screenshot_2020-05-14 Sama….png (63.71 KB,958x672)

samachan is dead


Server lease ran out


That's a shame. I wonder if they'll pass the site onto anyone or not. Kinda makes me wonder where its users will go too.


oh cool now no one will be mad when we post her nudes again


Sad to see it go. I never posted there but I liked to lurk around once a week. It was one of the most entertaining imageboards around.


Why couldn't they have handed over ownership?


Well it seems not everything has been wiped out yet. I found these on a sushigirl blank document thread and they still work, so let them be watched for the last time:


Probably not a popular take but I actually believe the condensation of similar imageboards from a few fading away to be for the best. 5 years is a pretty good run I think.


I mean, it might be, since activity is exponential, but maybe it's worse for smaller cultures and may make everyone more vulnerable to bad moderation and takedowns.


Some risk of tyranny or stepping on toes is better than just a slow, dissociated fade away like those uncompromising hehpill anarchists.


Did the users have any forewarning about Sama going down? It doesn't seem like an emergency so I hope they had time to figure things out. Sama had a heavy prevalence of tripcodes which gave it a relatively unique atmosphere so it's a shame to see it go.

It's hard for me to say. On one hand it's far more healthy for the internet to keep a variety of websites up independently of another, but the price for is of course the slower speed.
I think the 8chan webring thing was a great idea in a technical sense, but the overarching culture is far too self-destructive as we've seen


I remember the liveposting board had a shit-ton jo-ing blogs, some nympho girl posted there too.
I left a short time after that


Was it deleted? I don't see this announcement.


Looks like the main page was reverted. The boards still return a 403 error, though. Maybe it's getting a new admin?


File:1477599129509.jpg (133.53 KB,579x450)

The site was seemingly killed without warning, given the last post is from yesterday's episode of Kakushigoto. There were some talks about changing the name of the site recently, so it's still possible "samachan" as a brand is dead and the site was handed to someone else which will be reborn with a new name, maybe. In any case it's weird they got rid of the announcement so fast.

Meanwhile at fufufu:


fufufu's actually getting activity? maybe madokami will finally get some activity again too…


It seems like there has been a bit of a slump on imageboards lately, is that actually true or is it just in my head. Is pastebin guy there to post the latest month's stats?


it's just collage exam weeks


File:Hazuki Glasses.jpg (81.71 KB,678x638)

the zoomers are all busy on zoom!



Future entry in Wikipedia's list of common misconceptions:

The word "zoomer" does not derive from the Zoom app commonly used for remote education during the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2026. It originated from a portmanteau of "Generation Z" and "boomer," predating COVID-19.


I thought Zoom was banned in favor of Microsoft Teams


maybe the imageboard fad is finally dying and everyone is moving to facebook or twitter


Think I'm more inclined to believe that >>40123 has something to do with it. Though that's good since it means that imageboards aren't just a dying form of communication.


Maladjusted people haven't disappeared from the world yet.
Where there are teens there will be imageboards.


Interestingly enough if the drop in activity was all from university people taking exams, then that means the only people left during these times would be adults and actual teens that don't have to attend high/middleschool anymore and adults with jobs. And the one place I did see a spike in activity was 4chan, so going by that the average userbase there is probably lower (or higher) than I thought…


I saw the data and several boards had increased activity since around Mar 15, so I think 4chan's activity increase have more to do with COVID letting people have more time at home and thus time spent on 4chan. The most increase happened with /v/ and /vg/, as a result of playing video games at home.
Interestingly the overall activity didn't change much since the activities of /sp/ and /pol/ are dropping.


Really? Fascinating, I'd have thought these times would only lead to further /pol/ activity.it slowing down is a bit of a shock


File:pol.png (76.91 KB,1388x773)

It was also in local decline four years ago due to the US presidential primaries being essentially decided. If things repeat, there should be another bump for the conventions and another for the election.


I'm glad I found this thread by chance, but on my end I only started seeing the main page of Samachan with that closing message on the 17th here, likely 16th for the rest of the world was though.
I know I didn't see that message on the 15th which may be a timezone difference on my end, but at the time I only saw the usual news posts - and that my last post on the Kakushigoto thread seemed to also be the final s/a/ post too.
In any case, it is sad to see Sama go down so suddenly.


Well the original message only lasted for like half a day or something, then the main page went back to normal except you couldn't access the boards. After that and for a few hours you could access the /z/ board and even post there before it went back to the message and this time everything seems to be gone. So you most likely experienced the post original message, predeath period.
Well such is the life of imageboards, and just like threads come and go, so do they.


Ah I see, that does sound about right.
It was fun while it lasted.


New developments on sushigirl regarding the samachan's death


>Hello sushis, I have a proposal I want to run by you. I have been in discussion with a group of users from the recently shuttered Samachan, who are looking for a new place to live. They were a fairly comfy site with just two boards, and they are in talks with me over how they might adapt to living here without disrupting our own culture too much. I think with the addition of a single board, the rest of their content could probably fit into the existing boards.

>I wanted to run this by the userbase to see if there are objections or concerns, and have a conversation about these, before giving them an answer. As a condition of coming here they would be expected to use polite language and follow the rules. Currently the planning group is just a few users, with the rest of them scattered and out of contact with each other.

>Samachan.org on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200323151839/https://samachan.org/

>Following is our email exchange, split between posts. Please give it a read before commenting.


i was just about to post this


File:sushigirl.png (122.58 KB,1343x364)

New /otaku/ board created on sushigirl

Things went by too fast


hate sushichan


What's wrong with sushi? It's pretty nice, if a bit on the slower side.


I dont like nice boards and the css is ugly as sin. In fact sushichan might well be the most ugliest imageboar I've ever seen in my entire life


File:scrot.png (3.66 KB,160x206)


The front page and the Stripes theme are cute. You simply have shit taste.


doesn't work, I clear my cookies every time I leave the domain


/intl/ seems to have set up shop at coronachan.xyz now and started off with multiple waves of goatse spam on all public boards (there's a hidden /64/ bunker that was hit as well) to drive up PPH.


File:shilling.png (550.66 KB,2298x864)



wow I had totally forgotten about finalchan


File:6d99ea84f7.png (4.19 KB,676x154)

nice site


File:BTVfF7G.png (73.26 KB,1094x292)

how the mighty do fall


good riddance :)

now if only the other problematic chans will go away too


8kun never was alive. It failed to gain attraction from most of the former 8chan users (even before the exodus most boards had few PPH), technically it was a broken mess (Ron only began to fix bugs after the remaining users left the site during the loli exodus), it had a severe lack of transparency (people only knew about the ban on loli because a staff member leaked the info before getting fired), and since the beginning it only pandered to Qtards.
What is sadder is that none of its offshoots managed to managed to be relevant enough to attract their former user bases (all of them have PPH on the double digits at most), and in the case of /v/, the board that made 8chan the most popular 4chan alternative, the situation is so bad that there are multiple splinters competing with each other to get what is left of the original community.


http://imageboard.net/, the list of imageboards in the Alt Chan Federation / Alliance (this was the group that did the Pewdiepie stuff) no longer exists and now redirects to 16chan.xyz, which was one of the group's few remaining members.


I'm mostly surprised that shitshow lasted so long.


File:the sands of time ever shi….png (91.22 KB,765x916)



Old news. Tanasinn has been like that for quite some time now…


File:IMG_5213.jpg (253.38 KB,721x1024)

My sense of time must be really fucked up,


File:a2c467f71c.png (40.42 KB,411x249)



File:maint.png (3.62 KB,421x114)

4chan is under maintenance.
And this time they spared no expense and made the message red.


Holy crap, they actually said something, what kind of bizzaro day is this?


File:1590511698713.jpg (177.46 KB,1124x1118)

Hiroyuki trialed hCaptcha on 4chan's report form. It's back to reCaptcha for now, though.


What is Hiroshima even planning at this point?


Either Google wants him to pay for using reCaptcha or he thinks hCaptcha will pay him money (they won't, their scam is to retroactively reclassify traffic as bot traffic thus avoiding the need to pay out).


julay.world now has its old domain back.


Balkan Chan (where the Lynxchan support board is currently located) lost its balkanchan.ga domain for "fraud" but they have plenty of other domains:


File:m.webm (25.52 MB,1920x1080)


painful to listen to. but what the hell why do so many people buy hiro's pass


That "information" is useless either way. The only reason why anyone even buys passes is because 4chan literally harasses its users through captcha and rangebans.


Quick rundown? I'm not watching this.


Hiro's "Buy Passu" strategy works pretty well


A guy runs a service to resell 4chan passes because people can't buy with crypto.

He sells 40-50 passes a week(800$-1000$ to 4chan) through his services. You could assume 4chan makes around 100,000$ a year.

Hate josh for kiwifarms, but he cuts to the point.


>You could assume 4chan makes around 100,000$ a year
Fucking hell, and that's without including ad money. I wonder how much does it cost to keep 4chan alive.


well, he didn't namedrop his site I think so could be fraudulent. He was mostly asking about 9chan tw's potential monetization.


he said 25$ for a pass, so probably passget.site


yeap it's probably passget because he specified that it "gifts" passes and so does their about page


>buying passes that track your posting history instead of vpn's
sasuga 4channoids


The reason they threads like this and the shilling every time someone asks how to buy a pass.


>Hi, that's me. Yep that's the company name and it's the same site. People had already paid $30. I refunded them all $5 to lower the service cost and be fair to everyone.

How stupid, why not try to squeeze every last penny out of the dumb /pol/shitters that still buy passes.


can't believe people pay for a board they can get on any other small imageboard.


Was looking at this site >>>/b/3473 and noticed that the pph is insanely high on /v/. Wonder if it's one of the places that julay/v/ migrated to


File:e8457dadf7.png (92.35 KB,992x774)

Oh, actually looking at the webring now it seems that it's made a place for itself as the new /v/ site.

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