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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

 No.4165[Last50 Posts]

Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

[4165-9545] [9546-13693] [13694-21559] [21560-27693]
[27694-30491] [30491-35017] [35017-37785] [38021-39645]
[some missing posts from the previous snapshot]
[38990-41959] [40564-46419] [45957-48018] [47742-49250] [49228-50076] [50084-51377] [51250-52209] [52195-54382] [55315-60590]
Last Archived: December 2nd 2020

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.


I like the monthly anime thing they're doing on /a/. Maybe we could steal that idea.


>it took OTA 3 days to notice the CP spam and delete it
>there is already a new CP spam thread occupying the same place

I'll say it again. The drama will kill them again in a couple of months.


I dont see how thats possible if there is no one to start drama with.. only 1 admin


There isn't really a way to run a multi-board imageboard with one person. 8chan's style is sort of the hack in the one-man army philosophy allowing people to only vaguely care about the admin while being their own boss, but that's not "the nostalgia oldfag" ideal


8chan's style has more problems than simply going against "the nostalgia oldfag" ideal, but I get what you mean.


No one talking about the sticky on 4/qa/?


epic memes aren't big enough imageboard happenings for me


Can't screenshot it but a mod made a weird post using html


some guy from a russian textboard that kuz owns made this rundown about heyuris new status and how we got to it



I'm almost sure this isn't the first time somebody brings up kuz's memegraphy as a "happening" shortly after heyuri (or a related site) is mentioned.


this is.. completely different? if you looked for 5 seconds you would have known lol. and also heyuri was pretty big so yeah it definitley counts. it had been down for 4 months and alot of people are excited to see it back


It would seem not:
<kuz> well.. heyuris back
<kuz> it feels nice after all these months
<kuz> i actually bought it out from the old owner so
<kuz> no more powersharing and fighting... i hope i can put my financial backing into and make it great again


oh fuck, i wonder what he paid.

What is it with shady russian men and collecting little imageboards as tokens?


I forgot to mention that I did archive this thread on the 2nd and it's in the OP. I did unfortunately miss some posts, but I can't recall anything major happening so it's not a great loss. (if someone has a personal backup however I'll add it to OP)


I archive from time to time but usually don't post it in the thread. If you look at previous archives, there's one bridging the gap at


is someone manually saving in archive.org or is it just the wayback bot


If you hover over a particular snapshot, it shows why it was archived.


File:Screenshot_2020-12-06 (224….png (48.94 KB,711x240)


>450 replies
>230 replies
Dead board is dead. A shame too, it used to be one of the biggest shitposting factories around 2012-2016.


File:1438153778593.png (264.75 KB,480x600)

On one one hand, GETfaggotry was always stupid, but on the other it's weird that they care that little about it. I don't think it's because the board is dead, they still get a fair amount of activity; it's probably due to it being filled to the brim with newfags. It's very different from how it used to be back then.


The farewell thread I made a year ago in which I mentioned Hampus and some other /mu/ legends of yesteryear received only a single reply before falling off the board.


It's still quite active, but people feel fairly young on that board. I don't think people who used to post back then are still there, if they are they probably keep to their general.


The board used to be more active with much less generals. Most of the traffic the board generates now comes from general threads, themselves being circlejerks between people that have been with their general since the very start. Outside the generals the board is a decaying slum for newfags repeating convos about the same tired shit for the upteenth time alongside politically motivated kids who use the board as an ideological, not even a battlefield but a playground. In such an environment there are no remnants of the culture the board used to have, only occasional fragments that pop up when someone wants to make a point.


File:h3yH0htJWK.png (293.96 KB,1640x792)


Normally it isn't worth talking about bans because they're so frequent amongst anyone who uses 4chan regularly but sometimes it's curious what's even going on.

Kinda amusing but pretty dumb getting banned 2 days after the fact. I'm fine with waiting out 3 days since I'm doing other stuff but it's just a little annoying since whenever they use 'Ban Evasion' it puts up posting rangebans for a few days.


this image brings back so many terrible memories of dealing with jannies on 4chan
cortisol levels are rising


File:Screenshot_20190526-153232.jpg (1.28 MB,1080x5334)



File:Screenshot_2020-12-10 v -….jpg (1.7 MB,3806x1627)

Game awards are on and they announced a new smash character in them

Lethal combo


File:fc63871ebe.png (8.85 KB,771x151)

also current stats


That screenshot reminded me why I don't use 4chan anymore. Looks like it's only gotten worse since I've left.


File:Screenshot_2020-12-10 (0) ….png (53.78 KB,1868x323)

Stealing this neat stat compilation


File:1607659211353.png (339.95 KB,966x974)

And the image


think i found the lain death cult


did anyone else join that? you had to make a drawing or something and post it and that "registered" you for reincarnation or whatever it was


I did on the first board, I drew a bunny. Never posted though. Most activity was on discord and I don't use it.


Umm, should I really post my before and after pics like the rules say?


kuz sounds dangerous


is anyone even surprised that he is friends with watkins? kuz is just a 20 years younger, russian version of watkins. complete with domain seizing, weird conspiracy theories, and tax evasion.


i did because it was really interesting at the time with the new imageboard, it looked like a nice new community, but then tsuki made everything centered around the discord so i quit paying attention to it
and he was asking for money from participants and gave up the systemspace admin character so it wasn’t even a cool cult, only an awful circlejerk
how lame...


Sooooo... Kuz reacted to the leak screenshot in a blog post https://blog.kuz.lol/#23 reacting to the text, but not the images. TLDR he said it's all a lie and he knows nothing. Heyuri gets then gets spammed by some anon who wanted the lolicon board back and gets shut down for a day, also, more leaks. https://2ちゃん.net/src/745.png
here's a "9chan history" website that details the cvnka incident.


God, I hate discord kiddies


It's such a shit app


I guess discord being hidden unless you make an account is what causes discordfags to act so restless


>Pedophilia has never been tolerated on any site I own, and this extends to Heyuri, since it is now under my control—no loli boards, stop asking!
Hmm... I faintly recall it being Kuz who wanted to keep the loli board on Heyuri before it exploded, and that it was Lolico who wanted it removed, and promptly removed it once Kuz was de-modded.


Is any of this related to an imageboard, however? If Buddha and Jesus Christ were talking in a discord it still wouldn't be an imageboard happening, however important it may be to certain people.


if Buddha and Jesus were imageboard admins it would be




It's not tieing very hard into Heyuri. It seems more about an eceleb. Something like that is more suited to other unreputable sites.


It is a hap that happened in an imageboard, I think it's good.


this thread is for some reason is chock ful of people who cant stop talking about how much they hate kuz. who fucking cares? if it was about heyuri then it would be fine but they literally just non stop talk about OMG OMG OMG KUZ JUST DID SOMETHING SOMEWHERE!!


it does seem like it's outrage marketing.


and actually, there is an entire fucking board made by one of the 9chan mods (eptil1) to keep this shit off other sites and meta boards on heyuri/sh. i am semi convinced that most of them are just trying to make kuzs name become a bane on many sites.


It's a hap, on an imageboard though.


Most of these posts are about an admin's epic history and a small portion is about heyuri.


I visit a fuckload of image boards and never heard of hyuri until discussion about it suddenly popped up in this thread. I never heard of any "explosion in popularity" nor heard anything about these so-called personalities (not that I pay attention to that shit but e-celeb gossip is rampant whether I like it or not). Every time hyuri is mentioned in this thread it's always the same pattern of

"hyuri is back online, after these personalities joined forces"
|(a day later)
"hyuri is in dire straights and after everything went so well and there was a population explosion. Surely this personality is to blame"
|(30 minutes later)
"Ah yes, I happen to know who these guys are. Here is a link detailing all their incredible exploits" [I think at some point one of these replies even mentioned how one of the admins is a buddy of moot's]
[Gossip about the admins until whoever is behind this realizes no-one is biting]

15 to 20 days later, the cycle repeats.
Either the people of this board are beyond retarded giving these guys these many chances or they're addicted to gossip and destruction. Not my vibe and possibly not this thread's either.


as far as i know, they only "joined forces" twice in heyuris existance


I opened the screenshot and instantly saw cancer man and chuds so I closed.


what if all of you took this gay heyuri drama to heyuri, instead of this place which has nothing to do with heyuri.

just a thought


File:standards.png (23.74 KB,500x283)

Why does every nostalgic old crusty anon gotta reinvent the wheel by becoming admin of another retro 4chan clone?
Necromancy is unbecoming.


What a really horrible shitfest. This makes the constant webring drama look many times better even with the DDoSing and other shit on the dramaring.


File:Untitled.png (214.93 KB,961x937)

no really can someone please inform an ignorant like me why they are roleplaying 2008?
It's like i'm at the renaissance fair


It's great and all but as some other site said, it's a bit forced and too much. there's no substance or meaningful conversations. It's a forced thing by the previous admin. "the past is better then the future" situation


its a niche community of people who wish to revisit some of their glory days. why does this piss people off so much? just dont visit the site


Perhaps you or they could prove me wrong given time, but when I see these sort of displays anywhere I just feel like they are only holding themselves back and aren't really conducted with sincerity in creation, unlike when such threads would have appeared in their era.
Hence they're always confined to some narrow, predictable expectation of what that era was.

Even as dogshit dystopic as the future may be, I won't just ignore it and force myself into a parody time capsule.


>It's like i'm at the renaissance fair
what's wrong with renaissance fairs


ah and sorry to doublepost but it doesn't piss me off at all.
I just don't find it charming and actually find it a bit sad is all.


actually i think your quite wrong with the creation part.

Kuz actually stated in an old thread that heyuri "wasnt meant to be a early 2000s nostalgia hugbox", and that it was meant to be its own unique identity, which followed in line with some of the pasts architecture. I.E., he wanted to remake the expirience that you would get browsing the old web, but with its own unique identity, unlike most which blatantly just circlejerk old 4chan memes.

this is proven quite well in heyuri, based off numerous site in-jokes, lots of cool OC amongst other things. ill look for his original quote.


sorry to doublepost myself, but the first part of the quote was

"celebrating the past through works in the present"


File:1576987559043.jpg (145.99 KB,1080x1080)

Nothing wrong with "reviving the old days". The problem is that there's a sperg or couple of spergs who can't shut up about the smallest irrelevant drama surrounding not the site, but the fag behind it (kuz) as if he was a sort of big celeb and this was a vanity magazine.
Seriously, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about the life and affairs of that vodka nigger.


I dont think kuz is the same person who shits up these threads with critisism about himself. He repeatedly asked in heyuri for people to stop talking about heyuri drama outside of appropriate places.

but if you have any stuff that suggests/proves that he is, id love to see


When I said "the fag behind it (kuz)" I was referring to the person who owns Heyuri, not to whoever keeps bringing that drama here.


Altchan drama is everywhere. Why is it like this? Why can't anons just get along?


The present is based on the past


Same people talking about this drama even when majority voicing they don't want it.
Minority discussing it don't have redeeming qualities and their logs are pretty much just to discuss this.


8chan.moe joined the webring.


File:1608088941684.jpg (27.12 KB,255x750)

Today is/was the last day to play the infamous Japanese Winnie the Pooh homerun flash on the website directly. I never had the patience to get very far myself.


going to invite 4chan to join the webring too


seems like the most active thread about it
from 180607 on


kissu should join the webring too :^)
Also listing other imageboards that are part of the webring but never are mentioned because they lack the drama of the "popular" sites (and thus are nicer):
https://kind.moe/kind/ - I think is a site for "comfy" blogposting. It gives me a feeling of an old lady who chats with her friends while drinking coffee and eating homemade cookies.
https://late.city/late/ - Also for blogging, but this one seems to be more focused on "feels". It makes me imagine myself drinking a bottle of beer while looking at a night sky full of stars.
https://trashchan.xyz/ - This one seems to be a bunker for /nep/, a board for Hyperdimension Neptunia on 8kun. I think its their main home now.

On the good side the archived version on archive.org works well.


File:hibiki-kantai-collection-….webp (23.19 KB,287x424)

I don't get the point of the webring. Now with an 8chan(aka an aggregator of sorts) it's just a list of bunkers for the big one rather than a tool of advertising and networking(as some posts in >>61833 point out).
I always had my concerns with it, but now it seems totally pointless. I also hate their widget for making teens thing PPH is the most important part of an IB.

Also, not a happening.


Do not join the webring. It's a literal dumpster fire.


Fuck off.


The webring is just an extension that adds a list of other sites to the catalog of the sites using it. Is like a dynamic address book that updates itself when a new board is made, a new member joins it or a site dies. The purpose of the add-on is to provide the users of the sites with a list of friendly (or at least neutral) imageboards that can give them temporal or permanent shelter in case their home site dies, nothing more.
People think it's like the European/Soviet Union where the most popular site(s) dictate who can join or how things should be run, but in reality is the complete opposite. To join the webring you simply need to be added to any site's list, and the add-on will update the "bookmarks" on all sites. The sites also are free to block each other on an individual level (A can block B, but B won't disappear from C and D's lists unless they block B too).
>8chan(aka an aggregator of sorts)
8chan.moe is nowhere as big as you think nor is an "aggregator". Outside of /v/ (which has inflated numbers because the GamerGate thread is always full of off-topic shitposting and drama) the site has almost no activity, in part because a lot of people are wary of the site's staff because they fucked up in the past. 8chan in its current state is no different from any of the other sites in the webring.


breaking news: GN is broken(this post looks like a bot)


Kissu is already a bit too closely related to certain spinoffs IMO, a webring seems like something that would only make this place lesser.


File:1458024490597.png (41.28 KB,276x190)

Well it's not something you really need to argue for or against, it's just a thing that's never going to happen.


File:webring-2020-12-16.png (5.42 KB,692x67)


The farther from m*rk the better.


File:completely ded.png (1.34 MB,1748x5941)

99% of 8chan.moe is inactive or dead, even more than most boards of other webring members. What's your point?


I'm just pointing out various reasons why people would have an issue with this. Investing energy into the 8chan-ring would be waste of time.


A thought, but does >>>/jp/11111 count as a happening?


Pastebin implemented crappy filters that automatically make private all text flagged as "offensive", and while registered users still have access to their own flagged files, unregistered users (aka most of them) are fucked because they can't access them, and in some cases the files are removed instead of being blocked. A lot of boards use Pastebin for different motives (saving stories that are too long for regular posts, collecting useful links for generals, sharing guides of all kinds, etc) and now they are having meltdowns over it. A quick look at https://boards.4chan.org/search#/pastebin will show how bad things are, with /vg/, /trash/, /mlp/ and /tg/ being the biggest affected, although not the only ones.

Reactions from different boards:


Oh fuck I hope they don't take down any of the pastes I regularly use


Maybe if there's some slow days?

I can confirm that pastebins I had in history are privated. Notably eroge, so either the links to mega or the certain sexual words triggered it. Deleted and reposting this post because I thought Microsoft bought it, but I was thinking of github.


Save them while you still can, just to be safe.


Why do they still use pastebin? It's been trending to bad policies for ages now while there are dozens of clones around...


I saved the lewd japanese for beginners paste!
It was still in my tabs "Common ero jap words".

kuuki = air
sugoi = amazing (usually used in reference to the size of your penis or cum load, but may also be used during intercourse to describe how it feels. But it’s also used in everyday speech, so…)
kikuza = anus / asshole
denbu / ketsu / oshiri = ass / butt
oshiri no wareme = ass crack
(x)no kou = back(side) (like ashi no kou = top of the foot, te no kou = outer side of the hand)
kintama / tamatama = balls / testicles
chichi / mune / oppai = boobs / breasts / chest / tits
ryou = both (hands)
iki wo su / suikomu / sutte = breathe in
haite / iki wo haku / iki wo hakidasu / itte = breathe out
kuritori = clit / clitoris
(o)chinchin / chinko / chin(m)po / miku = cock / dick / meat / penis / etc
ishki shuuchu = concentrate (on)
nakada / nakadashi = creampie / cumming inside / internal ejaculation
osujiru / sei / seieki / seishi / sa(a)men / zaamen = cum / ejaculate / semen / sperm (you get the fucking picture)
dashi / iku / shasei = cumming / ejaculating
akagai / akai uma / asoko / (o)manko = cunt / pussy / vagina
oishii = delicious / tasty
chinkasu = dick cheese / smegma
aka = dirt / filth
mimi = ear
denki massaaji / shindouko / shindoushi / baibureetaa = electric massager / vibrator
shokudou = esophagus / gullet
me = eyes
kimochi ii = feels good
kanjiru = to feel (as in “are you feeling it”)
unchi = feces / poop / shit / scat
ashikoki / darashinai / mijime / kimoi = footjob
dandan = gradually
omoi / omoku = heavy (as in “your hands are getting heavy”)
atsui / atsuku = hot (as in “your body is getting hot”)
watashi(n0) – I / my
karada no uchigawa = inside of the body (Note: “Naka” also means “inside”)
shiko shiko / onani = jerk(jack)ing off / masturbation / wanking
chu / kisu / kuchidzuke / seppun = kiss
hidari = left (hand)
shiyou = let’s do
nameru / name = lick
daisuki / suki = like / love
kuchibiru = lips
paizuri = mammary intercourse / titty-fucking
watashinomono = mine (as in “you are all mine”)
motto = more
kuchi = mouth
nuide = naked / nude / undress
chikubi = nipples
ao-kan = outdoor fucking
te no hira = palm of the hand
nuite = pull out
migi = right (hand)
chikara o nuite = relax your body / release the strength
koshifutte = shake your hips
nioi = smell
egao = smile
kusai = stinking
nobasu = stretch
kusugutai = tickles
suru = to do
ukabiagaru = to rise
mieru = to see
shizumu / shizunde = to sink
shita = tongue
hou = towards (as in “kata kara hiji no hou e” – “from the shoulder towards the elbow”)
nurunuru = wet
kitsui - tight
shitagi - underwear
torotoro / betabeta - sticky (more like wet)
yubi - finger/s
itai - painful
motto - more

ITADAKIMASU = You're gonna get sucked!


>ashikoki / darashinai / mijime / kimoi = footjob


File:Screenshot_2020-12-22 jp ….png (1.78 MB,1893x1253)

4/jp/ is finally facing its overdue reckoning


File:Screenshot_2020-12-22 4sta….png (419.71 KB,600x1608)

Maybe the appropriate reaction would be to get upset or something, but all I can feel is satisfaction in knowing that the people that flocked to defend mods are finally getting screwed by them


You mean >>62588 isn't a troll spamming janny-approved threads to wipe the board of all meningful content?


Oh no! What about the poor braindead touhou imagedumps? But seriously, the board looks the same as ever. Too bad for the 1 post per week generals.


They weren't janny approved before, seems like this is a new thing, and supposedly the wretches on that board are getting warned for reporting the threads.


The board does not look the same as ever by virtue of having different content which ultimately brought different posters with different mentalities and no sense of community. You remind me of the frog claiming the boiling water is the exact same temperature it was an hour ago before the flame was lit.


File:1499539270980.png (11.93 KB,512x380)

>meningful content

I'm not too happy about holoshitters raping 4/jp/'s corpse, but let's not pretend repetitive 2hu imagedumps and 3D idolshit generals are "meaningful content". The board was dead long before they got there.


How is the content different? It looks like they only decided to uncondense their generals to me.


I'd argue holofags have a stronger sense of community than 4/jp/fags by virtue of having been in their pressure cooker general for a year.


I'm not arguing otherwise. I'm stating there was an obvious, artificial shift in the community. /jp/ had been dead for years because the moderation insisted on keeping it a contentless wasteland. Now there's finally material to turn it into yet another content farm and they're more than happy with "reforming" /jp/, much to the chagrin of the remnants that have kept giving the board a reason to exist during all those years.


I think making it the vtuber board is preferable to keeping it a dead corpse to prop up and mock all those who used to love it with.


Right. The board finally seems to be regaining a sense of community.


We were effected by this in /cyb/ + /sec/ on /g/ as well

djt is probably in the worst state it's ever been. so hostile and unpleasant.


I disagree. It's a subject that thrives on spreading through multiple social media platforms. The people posting in those threads (assuming the sizeable portion they appear to be isn't majorly comprised by bots -- I don't bother to check the depth/significance/content of the posts being made in those threads as I don't even browse /jp/ anymore) can easily migrate someplace else as soon as holoshit becomes verbotten in great part due to an unspoken chain of contact networks outside the side. Obviously that's not going to happen.

I agree. This is the part were I'd say "maybe now the diehards who truly believe the mods were there to protect them from those dastardly shitposters all along will learn their lesson and populate the spin-offs", but there's the issue of how they'd be a terrible fit for any image board, the fact that it's too late to join ota and the fact that kissu and /nen/ aren't as touhou-centric as 2013 /jp/ used to be. What is going to happen to those people? Touhou is too loose a community to have a hub and the attempted hub that existed has gone offline a year or two ago. They'll probably rot away in a touhou general, but would they really allow themselves that?


/int/'s djt was always the better one after the split anyway.

>They'll probably rot away in a touhou general
That would be a fitting punishment.


>can easily migrate someplace else as soon as holoshit becomes verbotten in great part due to an unspoken chain of contact networks outside the side.
Not really. They have the particular imageboard routine of aggressively shitting on each others' idols and groups, while still sharing a space. I don't know of anything like it anywhere else.


>They'll probably rot away in a touhou general, but would they really allow themselves that?


It was always the blind leading the blind, but at least on /a/ and /jp/ you used to be able to have some fun. The /int/ thread was just shitty in every way.


/qa/ being spammed by mods as per usual



What the shit is this?


That's CIA


Very strange. The shark was removed from that page but it still exists.


when 4chan mods embed stuff, play music, or other trickery, they will use html in their posts (specofically the src element). So searching this lets you index all the mod hax


does anyone know why ALTERNATIVE doesn't have sysops status in the 4chan irc anymore? Did he resign from his mod post?


good, that guy personally fucked over me and whole communities i was part of


What about 'buttly'? He has two accounts. I doubt anyone that power-hungry would leave 4chan without setting fire to everything, so I'm doubtful


you are right, I saw him get sysops status to change the irc's topic so I guess he just doesn't want to deal with irc complaints


elaborate. most of the mods in that IRC are fags




4/qa/ being shit is not a happening.


It doesn't look any different?


baby shark theme is playing


I found this: https://illegal.pics
Is a 4chan image viewer that displays the latest images uploaded on all boards, and is a really good way to perceive the overall nature of every board. For example: /v/'s gallery is nothing but random reaction images and ecchi pics, /fa/ is full of people wearing weird clothes, /a/ has lots of cute girls (both as reaction images and as part of image dumps), most of /cm/'s boys have a young and feminine appearance (which contrasts with /y/'s bara supremacy), /pol/ and /lgbt/ are full of totally random pics (lol), /b/ has nothing but ugly women, /x/ has pepes and odd photos, /adv/ and /r9k/ are 50% pepe and wojak, etc.


Very nice. That reminds me of an old program that would do the same thing. 4chan Viewer or something?


Less wojaks on every board than expected. Hmm


that's pretty addictive


Not a happening, but /c/ still has Christmas hats even after they were removed from the rest of 4chan, /cm/'s sticky still has a birthday hat, and /gd's has both santa hats in the OPs and a party hat in the sticky.


>the latest images
>updated 3 hrs ago
false advertising
looks like they're all hosted on discord, this guy is an actual tranny if you look at his other stuff, a discord tranny if you will..


CSS doesn't update until a new post is made. It's very common for stickies to retain the CSS from events long since passed.


same deal with most imageboards. To prevent a huge and expensive(maybe even impossible) rebuild operation on all the .html files they just let users post to update the file or let it de-archive over the course of a few days


Oh, you're right- the images have discord URLs. So I guess it was either a discord bot altered for a website or a website that uses discord for image hosting?
I wonder how long discord keeps images...


>I wonder how long discord keeps images...
"forever" is their current model.


How do they support the cost that must carry with it? I can't imagine that discord makes that much money from any source does it?


Femanon frogposting mod from /a/ gets pissed at people talking about pussy, goes in and calls everyone a stupid nigger, then tries to delete the thread with her word being the last word and fucks up, twice.
I had a thread a month ago whrre a mod acted the exact same way, go in, no fun allowed, fuck you, and nuke thread. I knew it couldn't be kino, kino is more based than this.I hope kino is still around and its not just /a/ at the tyranny of this twitter hoe tier retard.


If it is a 4chan mod, which you really can't prove, it wouldn't be surprising to anyone or that interesting either. I fully understand all animosity towards those guys, but it's just not a happening.


Pardon, I guess to you guys it isn't that special. I had the misfoetune if never seeing a mod spaz this hard.
What do you mean exactly is it is? I thought janitors don't have the power to erase a thread or ban someone, just put it out there for the mod to act upon.


Unless things have changed, janitors can delete posts and threads but they can't ban. It's possible that janitors are on a tier system with different privileges, but I don't know. By the "if" thing I meant that there's no way to know if it was a mod posting in that thread. It could be a generic 4chan shitposter since I can never tell those people apart, mod or otherwise.


Oh, fuck. I now feel bad for shilling that site.

Discord has a "premium" version that allows bigger file sizes, more custom emojis, HD video and similar shit for $99/y. There's also the lucrative market of selling their users' personal data to the biggest bidder, and chink investors who keep fueling the company with money.


A janitor friend told me there are rumors about a hololive board in the works.


big if true



r/a/dio going on now, also gikopoi new years


true if big


4chan is replacing the date 01/01/21 with 12/32/20. If you use 4chan X you'll have to turn Time Formatting off to see it.


December 32st...


warosu isn't archiveing posts at the moment


These are probably related.


File:1609222249604.jpg (105.25 KB,640x640)

Admin possibly going off the deep-end because he was banned from twitter? Exploding vans on the way?


>because he was banned from twitter
I dont think that's why... I think he's currently going through some intense family/relationship stuff if what he's said in chats is true.


File:85525675_p3.png (565.88 KB,673x890)

Lovely...if that is the case this could get ugly fast, I hope he gets a grip soon as Kirt is one of the last imageboard OGs that hasn't abandoned imageboards or vanished. Trying to troll on a mass scale isn't going to help his personal life..


ah my yearly reminder that 420chan still exists came early


why does kirtaner repeatedly claim to be a co-founder of anonymous


Why do you think he wasn't? I wish he kept the 420chan /i/ archive online. Luckily I scraped the whole thing and can view it offline.


File:lol.png (115.24 KB,1204x709)

what a mess this place was kek


If you click on any new thread on /jp/ and go for the archive it doesn't say that the thread isn't found, but just displays nothing.
I think Warosu is still archieving shit, but that the display or something is just broken.


Speaking of Kirtaner, he seems to appear on this guy's twitch show often. I can't remember if it was linked in this thread before or not: https://www.twitch.tv/gregghoush/videos
This was the one I listened to in the background one night https://www.twitch.tv/videos/825909070. There's some talk about 420chan and past internet things, but in general the stream was too focused on politics and e-battles for my liking. If someone wants to volunteer to watch twitch for hours at a time to find a gem in the rough, be my guest.


File:1608704125410.gif (2.84 MB,500x282)

420chan is almost as dead as 7chan now. It seems this is the fate of most alt-chan imageboards unfortunately. 4chan would need to die for good for them to flourish for real.


Oh man looking at that again I just don't know how to feel it's both nostalgic and cringey at the same time despite that I'll always look fondly at how we got Tom Green to rage quit. When Tom started a video call with someone only for him to just pull his pants down and jerk off will always be funny.
7chan being dead?
I blame Lorf and the overly harsh ban lengths.
420chan? Well everything was always second to their wrestling board people leave when feeling alienated and also Spardots paranoia of "weebs" for literal years just because of one raid.


Both image boards never made a case for their uniqueness. 420 survived for a while off of the lmao drugs theme but that demographic does not overlap well with alt IB users or computer savvy people, and they're keen on more accessible sites with more social interaction. And...

They could have fallen back on pro wrestling and sprout from there but they settled for being a typical IWC clone instead of offering anything unique beyond an easy way to watch pay-per-views without paying. Now 4chan came in and took the only remaining demographic 420ch could grow out of by - surprise surprise - offering an environment completely different to anything you'll find in the IWC (for now). 420ch had a head start of YEARS and failed.

It all boils down to identity and uniqueness. Features and trinkets are secondary.


File:1576824759927.jpg (222.82 KB,1200x1200)

>alt imageboard popularity
The more people you have the harder it will be to keep things unified and comfy.
When you have too many people no matter the filter, no matter the format, it will feel no different than twitter or any other huge social media; You will eventually have loud people with too much time on their hands taking up the center of attention, leaving you to search for the warm loving corners.

The fight of the alt imageboard isn't to gain supreme dominance. It is to keep the perfect balance to create that warm corner of the internet


7chan and 420chan are both pretty active though, at least compared to the median.

Excluding 4chan and 8ch, which are unusually popular outliers, Most imageboards fluctuate between one post a week on slow days and one post an hour on fast ones. 7chan and 420chan are both slower than kissu, but they're still much faster than most.


warosu works again but desuarchive is down


I need to use desu earlier for the first time in a while too so naturally this happens.


is gnfos dead lol


File:1609922824824.png (12.58 KB,515x294)


File:1602792466988.png (1.01 MB,1113x1080)

rip in piss


Adobe Flash dies tomorrow, are there any farewell parties or similar that are going to be conducted before that happens?


I imagine there's some at the right places, like newgrounds, but I'm not aware of any image or textboard-related events.
Speaking of flash, here's an /f/ link with info and downloads:


good riddance


Odd to see a Rozen Maiden thread on /jp/


File:2021-01-11-143930_968x250_….png (51.12 KB,968x250)

Update: 420chan admin Kirtaner led a raid on Parler during the brief time between Twilio halting email and phone verification services to the site and Amazon shutting the site down completely.


This looks just sad coming from a guy his age.
I won't join Parler even if they weren't breeched, but big media needs competition badly; the admin of an alt-chan of all people should understand something about this.

Well, Nazi's bad right?


File:Edrpj4CVAAEL7oV.jpeg (173.94 KB,1178x2048)

While they're cheering for a tyranny temporarily acting on their emotional interests conditioned by the exact same entity, they're too obsessed in their ecstasy to realize that they're the useful idiots which said tyranny will target next.


Yes, while most are like this, not all hope is lost yet, and some still understand the implications that there is a war waging not only between left and right wing, but the old free internet and one of censorship that only corporations and gov benefit from.
I saw Mozilla's woke tweet get utterly blasted by people of every political shade, and many told them they need to focus on making Firefox not shit. Gave me a smile to see something like that bring everyone together.


>I won't join Parler
Not like you could. Parler was hosted in Amazon's servers and they banned them in a blink.


>Well, Nazi's bad right?
Yes. I welcome the LARPer purge
People are complaining about tech tyranny, but they assume that the Boomers who led the recent event would not have done a hard crackdown on internet freedom if they gained power. I can't be bothered to complain about LARP centers, I'll welcome it just so I can talk about hobbies again and not have some jerk try to recruit for their preferred party.


It's all about dividing the cake between the more powerful entities and the less powerful entities. The sad fact is that capital and political powers have mutual interests and collude with each other, as long as they can please the majority of population which are incapable of rational thinking.
See >>64815
It's foolish of you for still believing in partisanship at this stage, especially when both sides are largely the same aside from some trivial issues.


>It's foolish of you for still believing in partisanship at this stage
This is not partisanship, this is the build up of frustration from years of watching cancer erode and consume every possible space online. Reaching in to every crevice and not allowing me rest from it. Now that this horrid symphony reached its crescendo, I just can't bring myself to care what happens afterwards.
I will admit though , I'm hot headed and not thinking straight.


Kirt said a couple months ago he was going to try and bring old Anonymous back and he mentioned his targets included things related to 4chan activism. I can only imagine the outrage on 4chan and 8gag if the Hal Turner thing happened today.

Social media wasn't in competition with journalism until social media started using data harvesting and algorithms to gather people into separate communities with their own twisted views of reality.

Why are you pairing "old internet" with activists on social media? "Old internet" was never a massive data-harvesting network dictated by ad impressions and algorithms to maximize profit to layers of grifters leading up to the CEOs themselves.


kirtaner attentionwhoring and doing work for the establishment. imagine my shock


been there semi-consistently, with a month or two gap between them


File:0901b0404b804baab489e4a6d2….jpg (64.1 KB,300x250)

8kun deplatformed or something


For context, the clearnet site seems to be loading fine at the moment, but this image is appearing in one of their ad spaces and linking to the Tor version of the site.


wish 4chan, or at least /pol/ would get caught up in this


Two more days until the 10000th day of Eternal September!


It's today!!!!!!!!!!


heyuri is back


File:ss_2021-01-16_18:54:31.png (48.91 KB,1055x369)


File:dqn.png (213.28 KB,1340x620)

4-ch got their imageboard back, and then some.

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