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File: 1562654269774.png (597.51 KB, 900x735, Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png)


I'm tired of waiting for it to improve so here it is. I'll copy anything noteworthy that's posted on /qa/ and include anything on imageboards here if you find it interesting


File: 1562654488904.jpg (100.05 KB, 1280x720, [Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle P….jpg)

dead whale thread

/g/ image naming script

something about faked translations

3 interesting things out of 209 posts



Neat, wonder how many he'll eventually add to that list. Shame the thread died though


I've forked ChanTracking at least until Floens gets back:




Maybe I'm just stupid, but I'm stumped when trying to figure out what this means for desu


What an odd board to have posted that on. Quite possibly the least internet aware board in existence by its very nature


desuwa is a 4chan dev, someone asked him to update the repository containing the native extension that has been ignored for years and he did it
granted it was via a pull request so all he had to do was click a button accepting it


Well, not just one button click anymore; he pushed an update that uploaded a correct copy of the file, fixing some encoding errors from the pull request.
Wonder if he'll keep it updated.


Another pull request to the 4chan native extension repository by the same guy, this time trying to get a feature added.


Wonder if that could be cygnus




File: 1562997635920.png (8.99 KB, 194x295, hexchat_2mqKucAVlt.png)

The moderator


Pretty obvious it's him.


In the brief time I was in desuarchive's IRC I saw cygnus (as nep) say one of the things he did in his free time was run a /rs/-like site. This is when the mods were in the process of applying to the role of desuarchive mods, which is obviously a bad thing.
It means he was a /qa/ poster in 2016 since it's the only place he linked it as far as I'm aware


Sticky on /f/:

Interesting technical fact: When /f/ gets a sticky, one thread gets sent to page 2 which only exists in JSON.


old news but around a month ago /what/ had a hard drive failure
soon they'll re-hit 1000 posts


/qa/ having a quiet morning


/v/ and /pol/ (maybe others, don't feel like checking) now have 20 threads per page instead of 15, for a total of 200 threads on the board at once



Floens seen working on Clover again:


I guess everyone probably knows about that KyoAni fire about now, but here's a NYT article about it: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/17/world/asia/japan-fire-animation-studio.html
33 dead


Now that would be demonic, just imagine if 4chan mods could truly erase most of their actions…i'm sure a few may notice and it could likely even result in a fresh archive springing up, but still worrysome to think of.


Even more worrisome would be what they'd do with the ip information in ghost posts.


That's actually exactly what happened with that troid guy. I don't care enough to go searching, but he was caught abusing his archive (I think it was desu, maybe it was archive.moe?) mod powers to cover his tracks. 4chan staff should never, ever have any power over an archive


Samachan just broke 2k posters not too long ago.


Wonder if 8gag dying have anything to do with it


Doesn't seem like it, given it has barely moved after the infinity stuff. Don't have experience with the anime related boards on 8 so don't even know if they would feel ok with going to altchans, going to 4 or simply scattering to the wind. Guess it's worth keeping an eye on other imageboards just in case.


Most of 8/a/ are on their bunker smuglo.li/a/


Mugen's doing pretty well. Was he exaggerating or what?


Hard to tell how a person's physically doing just from their e-persona.
He can clearly use his hands but he very well likely has some partial paralysis.


8gag still dead
/qa/ now has 7 day autosage and another round of rangebans. I wonder if this is the time to finally migrate or something. With 8gag being dead there's also some people out there looking for a home, although obviously the majority of them would be oil to our water.
Someone mentioned a spinoff overboard as well, that could be cool.
It's just so tiring to have moderation actively go against the board again and again. We end up putting up with it, but what's the breaking point?


stop being tard brain, means they can't permanently bump threads with barneyfag and rangebans might or might not be justified if spammers live on your isp


Nobody's spammed /qa/ in recent memory to justify at least 3 different imagebans. Also I've never had a problem with rangebans before despite having posted on /qa/ for yearss, and was using the same IP for months, yet got an imageban as well.


File: 1565409506699.png (1.2 KB, 478x36, palemoon_2019-08-09_22-40-….png)

the busiest time of day at the busiest day of the week and /qa/ is at…
I think I'm going to do some write-ups and brain storming. This is nothing but a direct attempt to kill the board without actually deleting it.
Is it time for Kissu to rise?


while I'm not against more activity here, I think the better option is not to try and move everyone here, but rather try to get everyone to go everywhere else, and connecting everywhere else together in a way


Yeah, that's a good idea. I'd want people to use 4taba and spinoffs and other stuff, too.
Did anyone else here use that SSFOS "/jp/ community united" overboard-like thing that would sit at the top of your browser? It was basically like its own frame that would remain there as long as you click to other spinoffs from it. (Don't go to SSFOS today, it's a porn site last time I checked)
Something like that, with customization options for boards, would be really nice


File: 1565412822639.png (1.13 KB, 500x32, palemoon_2019-08-09_23-52-….png)

Hmm, so 4stats does use moved threads as activity. It has spiked to 62% after a moved (and dead) /v/ thread arrived


wish this place were busier


wish your mom was less busy


File: 1565479040849.jpg (89.88 KB, 497x354, AAAAAAA.jpg)

y-y-y-you cant say that!!


File: 1565494848776.jpg (417.03 KB, 777x850, [touhou][himekaidou hatate….jpg)

I'm in the process of writing something up and then I'll post it on /qa/ when possible. It'll have to be Monday at earliest since staff camps out on the weekend


writing something up to encourage people to migrate somewhere else?


just use 4taba


That would be part of it, yeah. I'd think most people have noticed by now that /qa/ is pretty much dead


i dont know if id say dead but it dies seem to be especially shit right now. let me know when you post, id like to read it before the mods axe it


A guy photoshopping tires off of cars was pretty funny


Desumin makes a post about the state of archiving


I think desumin is admin, isn't he? Or did he step down? I knew he was busy or otherwise unable to do what he wanted to do, he doesn't really enter #qa any more, either, even if he almost never talked


>many unsolved mysteries from the previous admin (peace be upon his wrists)
oh I guess I should have actually read the post before commenting


4chan and desu both shortly went down at the same time.


File: 1566450446616.png (Spoiler Image, 3.29 KB, 441x29, 1892727e41.png)

Here's the last 24 hours of both kissu and GNFOS activity. The results may surprise you.


Mods trying now to placate the board with 'epic' public frog bans like they do with /a/.



Mods put the 4chan(nel) happenings thread on autosage. Don't remember if they've actually taken direct action against one if these ever before. Setting a scary precedent


not a happening
heh, that'll show em


Yeah, a mod directly interfering is a really bad precedent to set, but I'm honestly surprised it took this long since they've been using it as a 4chan monitoring station since the vtuber thing. I had stopped linking threads before they archived

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