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File: 1562654269774.png (597.51 KB, 900x735, Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
This thread is cyclical with old replies being removed as new posts are made.




I watched about an hour until I got bored. A lot of it consisted of the neinchan admin talking about his advertising, which he spends hours doing each day, mostly on /pol/ because that's where the largest number of users are. He talked about when the mods are absent from /pol/ and the tactics he uses. They also talked about other places to advertise. Someone suggested impersonating QAnon to bring his followers to their site. During the meeting, they tried to coordinate an advertisement on /r/theDonald but were shut down quickly by the mods there.


>Please know that Facebook is blocking links to places on 8chan and 4chan that are dedicated to the distribution of vile content.


Oh, so they're just going for an active cesspit


File: 1568864383961.webm (13.82 MB, 534x330, pewdiepie (day 1 part 1 0….webm)

it gets worse


how are people ok with using voicechat


>still wonder who made waka and booru
I think they would have said something if they wanted people to know. There's someone making an anime OP/ED site that similarly wants to be anonymous. >>7825
Every site or IRC related to this "/qa/" community (what do we call ourselves now?) has a different owner/founder so there's no ultimate power anywhere


unless there's an objection we're thinking about making this a cyclical thread meaning older posts will get deleted as new ones come in with 150 posts max
That way discussion still gets seen as it happens and there's no concern over when to make a new thread or not.

in any case this threads been archived on archive.org to store what will get deleted


The /qa/ empire!

seems reasonable


This is depressing, but a good reminder to isolate oneself from certain elements if you wish to keep things healthy and good-spirited. I can't say I'm surprised that something like this happened.

Although I do remember mentioning "webring" here on kissu and IRC, that one /a/ spinoff did create something they called a webring in its development, but in functionality is just an overboard.
If "we" maintain a variety of independently-maintained sites like the booru, the bulletin board (hope it comes back!) and other things then it's closer to my ideals of a webring.
Maybe we can get some neocities stuff, too!


What accent is that?


and why is this thread not getting bumped…


Hmm… I guess that will need to get fixed. Cycling should be triggering at 149 replies, which means the 150 bump limit is never reached.
At current board speed this thread can last another 10 days or so*, but I'm sure it can be fixed within the next 20 hours.

*Wow, kissu is getting pretty fast!


and here i thought the last blog thread just got auto saged


Some American accent


Holy shit this is hard to listen to. I'd like to think that at least this will keep retards away from the good chans but I'm probably too optimistic.


Ironic that bunkerchan and spacechan have the same admin


File: 1568938099672.png (368.08 KB, 1000x1290, 00e00cd80dfb48828c0e2b8f4d….png)

>Only one worth noting is freech because nanotech.
And he went and brought the topic of destroying other imageboards, truly nasty bunch and at least I'm grateful for the list of sites to blacklist. It is indeed very sad that nobody does anything for fun anymore, it's all attention and money (it has always been so in the past but it's getting to insane, sterile levels)


why do frogposters have to ruin everything? every day I get closer to breaking down and learning Japanese so I wont have to deal with the teens anymore.


File: 1568938429822.png (4.69 KB, 501x160, 1568920623613.png)


File: 1568938611372.png (81.12 KB, 568x455, 1568895520443-1.png)

this shit could be the end of imageboards


does he show up in any of the videos?


Some real teen talk in these. These people are supposed to be running imageboards?


Yeah I know, 8gag and all that but a lot of there shit is here. They got exposed and even 8gaggers are laughing at them, could you imagine being so autistic even warosu doesn't want you?


oh julay leaked it.
Arigatou kami sama


File: 1568939536452.png (3.35 KB, 332x134, 7c45d353958785627e5bd4830a….png)

Very likely, the one I was watching was blurry as hell though. Also the clips are long and the conversations are boring, in true live chat fashion so I've been just skimming and skipping through the stuff.

Well, about that (pic related)


File: 1568940484089.png (956.13 KB, 1499x1500, 990bc537d11f83ada217f14e5e….png)

Because of this change, instead of making a new thread it'll be someone's(probably my own) responsibility to add this thread to archive.org whenever the old link gets near to the bottom of the thread

this way we can maintain a similar format to what /qa/'s happening thread goes for where content is documented in a reply chain on desuarchive. Lets not have to worry about information being lost in time.


he's trolling… nanotech is a computer scientist and employed somewhere or other.



was he really a warosu poster?


File: 1568941553617.png (111.87 KB, 950x861, 4chan and 2chan 1.png)

To be fair 5ch behaves a lot like the reddit on our side and their imageboards have the same problems as the ones in other languages. Here is an example of a twitter thread with the obligatory "who?" posting, the "reddit spacing" equivalent and the post complaining about the twitter threads with another one pointing out that "he made the same thread yesterday". At this point the frogposters are a mere consequence of what the mobile era and social media cancer brought to all communities online all over the world.

tldr; japanese won't save you from faggots nowadays.


Yes. Even they didn’t want him.


File: 1568941704977.png (64.94 KB, 1443x268, RpPCEZb.png)

he is le troll

*my image isn't going through….


Oh shit he’s posted on KF, even they didn’t seem to tolerate him. Wonder if they’ll drop his dox now.


Why do they always have touhou avatars? Why does 2hu always get associated with the worst of humanity?


he's already been doxed but it got removed or something… I saw his resume with his name on it unless that was some joke.

It said something about being a developer on kiwifarms


nevermind I looked into it some more and it was probably Joshua Moon(kiwifarms admin and dev)'s info


Josh is the kiwimin, so no he hasn’t.


64ch.net is back!


314chan admin owns the domain but wants to disassociate himself from it:

Endchan admin was invited but decided he wanted nothing to do with it after the Pewdiepie shit:


For how many weeks


>he wanted nothing to do with it after the Pewdiepie shit
Quick rundown?



what a complete shitfest


most imageboards were started up by teens. It's just that they've been around long enough that people who use them are no longer also teens.


Endmin sounds alright then; because I physically cringed at that pewdiepie talk on discord no less. Bunch of faggots.


File: 1569018312486.png (3.7 KB, 428x99, Screenshot_2019-09-20 http….png)

waiting warmly



“rulecucked tbh” it’s like teens speak another language


File: 1569147558793.png (2.66 KB, 499x65, chrome_2019-09-22_05-18-24.png)

we've got a new record



It's not necessarily bad, but for what's being posted at that speed it's just laughable.


I think the 3 thread limit expiring after a day on /qa/ has been removed. It's now either permanent, or expires after longer.


i think it's 3 active threads


I'll have to test to make sure. At least threads autosage after 7 days so I won't have to wait too long.


People say that on freech and on 8/b/, it's not specially associated with teens.


File: 1569255795190.png (1.34 MB, 1700x946, Screenshot_2019-09-23 qa ….png)

This is the modern 4chan/qa/. Completely empty threads and any that don't adhere to this emptiness get spammed with one-liner buzzwords. Not sure why the mods want that from the board but not much anyone can do if that's the case. Just another dead and failed board thanks to the staff.


How is it that when we're gone it managed to turn even worse. I thought that they were supposed to be reactionary response to the presence of 2D/Random, but I guess it's to be expected of the "people" that hail those as proper meta threads. It was foolish of me to think that things could ever go back to the way they once were with comfy meta discussion. Not to say I thought 2D/Random was bad, but there was a little hope in me that they were telling the truth when they said /qa/ would go back to how it was in 2015.


I didn't realize there were so many 8gag adjacent or /qa/ adjacent spinoffs. A little overwhelming. I don't like it, honestly.


what's an adjacent spinoff?


"8gag adjacent" and "/qa/ adjacent" function here as adjectives that quality the noun "spinoff". all of these individual terms should make sense. hope that helps.


is this about the webring stuff?


File: 1569271859123.jpg (1.51 MB, 1000x1412, rbfk.jpg)

But /qa/ isn't adjacent to anyone???


I'm confused, what other /qa/ adjacent spinoffs are there? Aside from the chatrooms like IRC


it's adjacent to plenty. i cant think of a reason you would arrive at any other conclusion except self-delusion.

those count, and that's plenty already.


File: 1569277995895.jpg (130.25 KB, 850x1158, __byleth_and_byleth_fire_e….jpg)

this mentality is funny because frogposters haven't 'ruined' anything, as if something (a community? the metaphorical space of a board url or site domain? what?) untarnished previously existed that they then somehow denigrated.

the reason you hate 'frogs' is because of COURTOISIE. sorry, that's the truth. it's not actually a commitment to high-quality board culture and intelligent comfy OC or whatever. all this conflict is the result of certain users' affiliation with a constellation of nearly inarticulable, or at least highly complex and ambiguous, tastes, cultural preferences, quirks, political commitments, etc. that has come into conflict with other groups of users' affiliations.

there's nothing "good" or "bad" about any of these constellations. in fact, none of them have any 'essence' that distinguishes them, and none are representative of the 'true culture' of any heritage or tradition. in some ways, frog culture PREDATES what we think of as /jp/ culture, given that the latter is basically an assemblage of half-inaccurate retroactive reconstructions of things that never really existed in the way you remember them existing.

the reason you hate frogs and like /jp/ is simply because of your sense of courtoisie. you associate with a certain class of anons that are taken to be more cultured or dignified or knowledgeable. this may not actually be the case, but it doesn't matter; the virtue of being cultivated and well-cultured is communicated through a complicated and subtle process of signalling, shit-testing, consolidating into groups, and so on, and it's this that makes you identify with the 'good' groups over the 'bad' ones.

this isn't an insane conspiracy theory. it is how social interactions and the messy processes of culture-formation work in real life. IRL, the well-cultivated bourgeois who have all the right literary, artistic/aesthetic, and political predilections signal their class status through complex and mostly unconscious communications games. this is basically what /jp/ oldfags, or people who are larping as them, do on certain parts of the imageboard scene.

also keep in mind that nobody on an imageboard actually belongs to any one group or category after all. it would not surprise me if frogposters post anime and vice versa. both frogposters and /jp/ oldfags use similar types of irony, they have jokes that aren't too unlike one another, and so on.

I'm not saying it's *bad* to dislike frogs, I'm just saying the reason you do so is basically historically contingent, and exists on unstable, contested, constantly renegotiated grounds. Which isn't a bad thing.

I hope this little lesson helped. Don't make the same error next time!


bourgeoisie, not bourgeois. Sorry, my bad.


please keep that forced e-war crap back in the 4chan happenings thread


It was less talking about e-wars than it was just people's perception of different types of posters, but I agree the happenings thread isn't the best place for it.


/qa/ being flooded with garbage, last refuge of posters still clinging onto 4chan happenings thread


Any 8gag news? I'd really love to have /hgg/ back so I can leech patreon versions of things again…


Aside from Brennan melting down on twitter every other day no, nothing substantial. Some rumors say it's dead, some that they're gonna rename it and reopen it. Read the thread in /a/'s bunker if you want more details.
>I'd really love to have /hgg/ back
There's a /hgg/ on julay.world but I don't know how active it is. It's probably gonna come back at some point though since a lot of people miss that board.


Sadly the /hgg/ on the bunker(s) (they tried on smug too) are nowhere near the same. It's mostly just the big 3 text games since they had some real thriving communities built on modding. It's good to see those continue on in some form, of course, but /hgg/ had a lot of niche stuff, too.


4chan is about to make it to 16 years, 4 and a half officially without moot


Huh, it's odd to think that 4chan's now lived over a quarter of its life completely abandoned by its creator


Not too much of a happening, but /qa/-tan returned for the birthday:


That poor guy, if only he came a few weeks earlier that would have been a really fun thread


File: 1570214080282.png (80.63 KB, 1321x641, chrome_2019-10-04_13-34-12.png)

I'm bored and looking at the stats for 4chan boards on 4stat. The following boards have a clear population drop in the last year:
Everything else seems to be holding steady or the decreased activity is hard to distinguish from the natural ebb and flow. Well, /qa/ obviously included, but it the spikes to 2000% activity make the chart hard to read


high iq



This makes sense, I haven't looked at the whole stats but /f/ has been on a decline since forever.
I genuinely wonder what is going to happen to it after Flash is fully depreciated.


seriously what is the point of this?
It didn't work for 4chan for advertisiers iirc.
And for all the drama and headline type stuff I seriously doubt it will help, it might even be worse. If it looks like the name was changed because they're giving in to pressure and trying to hide they'll come down on it 100x worse.

embarrassing move.


i dunno who does the ads for 4chan but they only show up on mobile and even then they don't show up most of the time so I can't even confirm if they still have google adsence.

Lots on the redboards though


File: 1570458303419.png (966.07 KB, 1478x903, 1570457194782.png)

they're really fucking doing this aren't they
even though i enjoyed some of the boards i'd rather it not come back if they're going to pander to the worst aspect of it


On the potential upside, hopefully whatever other boards you browsed already got spinoffs and will share the same disgust for that kind of pandering. Therefore choosing to remain where they currently are?


i dont get it


Internet is an anarchist society. Up to it's denziens to decide the rules acting with the denziens as the enforcers


I don't see it. It vaguely looks like a face, or a single breast. Is that what I am supposed to see?


It's some dumb /pol/ conspiracy I've seen talked about on /qa/ a few times. Has to do with this person supposedly called QAnon (was pretty funny when brought up since that was the person in charge of the anime stream's old name on cytube). Supposedly popular among legitimate baby boomers, and comes off as a roleplay people somehow take seriously


I hope the kun thing is a self-aware joke and they don't actually think the "chan" part of 8chan was an honorific, but it's probably just activists hiding behind nerd/otaku avatars again


Don’t think westerners can be otaku


my theory is that instead of a channel for information they wanted to setup a tunnel for information but a typo lead to tunnel being kunnel so instead of 8tun it is 8kun




are either of these happenings?
i mean, i remember reading and laughing at the /cm/ post but i dont get what those are doing here


not happenings


File: 1570669325617.png (52.05 KB, 500x500, 1561649588516.png)


File: 1570671854293.jpg (122.87 KB, 2000x1333, KR_9678.jpg)

the drunken funny hat man interviews with hiroshima


samachan went through a CSS change for Halloween like a week ago, and also has a banner creation thread stil open (I think)
Unlike the failed attempts this past week on 4chan's /a/, /v/ and /s4s/ as of right now, it's nice to see banners people made actually get added to the front page and the rotation, even if they're a handful.


Holiday-oriented banners are a really nice idea.
What's this about people making banners on 4chan, though? Are there really people wanting to make banners for hiro?


Apparently it was just on /a/ for fun, to let some ideas flow, etc. but later down the road some people started having hope that mods/manager/devs/hiro/whoever would notice and add them after removing quite a few from the rotations in recent months. Eventually such threads spread to /v/ and /s4s/ for the same purpose. In the end people got some new stuff around but sadly it might go unnoticed because it wasn't "official". Truly reminiscent of moot ignoring those that got made and even got dumped on a site somewhere only for him to ask for banners some time later.


File: 1570734552062.jpg (443.04 KB, 2258x984, explorer_2019-10-10_14-08-….jpg)

>Truly reminiscent of moot ignoring those that got made and even got dumped on a site somewhere
Are you talking about 2012?
It's "4chan banners.zip", but I can't remember where I downloaded it. It's a nice time capsule of sorts.


honestly disappointed. i've been fine with the equilibrium the imageboard ecology has settled into. what remains to be seen is if and in what form 8kun reconsolidates 8ch's former users with all the altchans now present as spaces where alternatives to the 4chan/8kun dual ascendancy can be imagined.


Oh, fireden is still up on onion



meguca is hella annoying right now


What is it? Looks the same to me


File: 1570852207957.png (317.92 KB, 1915x964, 4400a0d6fa.png)

update browser


Oh, is he trying another purge? I found it strange how that place had a /pol/ board for years and years and then kicked them out as if they weren't wanted.


File: 1570859483053.mp3 (8.76 MB, 77c13f60ce348f1d4fd7b9a625….mp3)

for anyone that can't hear it


didn't realize that the german shooter posted a manifesto on meguca, well atleast that is what buzzfeed says


their /pol/ spinoff was pretty much a fascist dump. surprised someone came out of it and caused violence but i guess not really considering people practice what others preach


Meguca is still around?!


yeah, it's where I got kissu's captcha from to have something funner than recaptcha noscript


also at least the “otaku terrorism” shit will make everyone hate us again


Meguca has some really nice tech behind it. I don't know if it's all the admin, but there's definitely at least one person there that's really good at that stuff. There are a few imageboards that run off that software. It's a shame to see it wasted on that site, but they were nice enough to offer the source to people so that some good can come from it.

Oh, that explains the crazy CSS then. He did the same thing after NZ thing and 8gag shutdown happened. He made another politics board and the image in that article is from it- it had a natural seizure-inducing CSS in an attempt to hide it, which you can see in that image from the article. (imagine all the colors cycling rapidly)


>Oh, is he trying another purge?
>He did the same thing after NZ thing and 8gag shutdown happened.
I've seen a couple of annoying CSS changes before at random times, but I didn't know they were done for this kind of stuff too. So how does it work? Just delete their /pol/ while trying to keep them away via CSS changes? Or the board stays and the changes are done just to keep outsiders away?


The crazy CSS might literally just be because he’s drunk and having fun with the Friday night stream.


Maybe not, try opening any meguca link now.


I love this song. I miss you, Shamiko!


Yeah it's down «for the foreseeable future» it seems. I don't think they have a real bunker yet.


They have a ton of bunkers, don’t worry about them.
There are so many bunkers for meguca they’re practically an injoke.


File: 1570924446874.png (869.32 KB, 969x596, shamiko saying something p….png)



new development: https://twitter.com/HW_BEAT_THAT/status/1182995978678202370?s=19

/fam/ has a thread on it now. i'm inclined to agree with fred


File: 1570934784607.png (17.27 KB, 984x811, 2019-10-13 04.43.59 freech….png)


File: 1570935360673.png (481.47 KB, 3811x1993, c0e1bcb871.png)

What happened to 4taba?


>We are now 100% Javascript free (aside from any JS included in user uploaded HTML files)


meguca 2.0 has broken ssl cert


thats what makes it good actually


Tabamin screwed something up. Apparently there was some exploit and someone was able to at least post as an admin there? I really don't think he'd post a niggy ascii. Anyway, he had changed some things on the board recently so I'm sure it's related


File: 1570942435602.png (1.01 MB, 1058x785, 260dfc3123.png)

didn't he remove javascript to feel more secure


File: 1570973711618.jpg (29.28 KB, 192x452, 1469375579955.jpg)

having niggy feelios in 2019…


Meguca is now https://megu.ca/


File: 1571008444418.png (28.35 KB, 539x156, b80a810462.png)

4taba is really pretentious


File: 1571033570079.png (36.52 KB, 1272x838, 23793c9eaf.png)

and meguca itself is dead. rip in peace


We'll need an archive snapshot of this in about 20 or so more posts if only cares to have an archive of this thread without gaps, just FYI

How is that pretentious?


how is it not pretentious to remove a core aspect of the internet from your site because an ideology tells you to


I don't see how following an ideology is pretentious, even if you disagree with it. I don't think it's for the best, but it's certainly not 'pretentious'


There's no "he made". meguca allows user created boards and the admin has made a point of being hands-off about it. That's how/why /pol/ got there in the first place. The screenshot's retarded CSS and /pol/'s deletion were also their own doing.
Admin only came in with the site-wide stuff some hours later.



Do you think 4taba is the name of the meguca admin or something? 4taba is a separate imageboard and I can't imagine they share any users with meguca.



The "8kun" gambit isn't working very well so far:


Cripple is weirdly spiteful for a guy claiming to be a christfag.


Getting a "mistyped captcha" error. Changing IP or from noscript to JS doesn't work. Captcha is either broken on 4chan or I've finally been shadow banned. Not sure which. Posts seem to be updating on boards other than /qa/.

Nice digits.


Crisis averted. I was able to post eventually. Captcha just got foobared for some reason. /qa/ will probably get flooded again if the problems remain intermittent, possibly completing the transformation into a permanently angry and uninformed meta board.


/qa/ still looks fairly bad, and that one guy is still angry


poor qa4!


That one guy is always angry desu~. Doesn't really matter the issue.


how will they recover!


It's possible that someone in your IP range was running bots that failed too many CAPTCHAs and you were temporarily blacklisted, this is definitely google related and not 4chan. Go grab a random proxy or VPN and use the modern captcha on some website and you'll generally need to solve a lot of them to pass

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